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What is the Law of Attraction and How does it work?

Quite simply, whatever you think defines your life.
Your thoughts attract the things that occur or appear in your life, like it or not!!

In terms of energy, we are all one – all of us belong to the universal energy system. Every single thing in the whole world and the whole universe is that we are all part of the same consciousness and we are all connected.




Mind Movies- Review.

Product: Mind Movies 4.0

Price: $97 one-time payment or a split-pay option of $58.99 x 2.  Where to buy:  Mind Movies

My rating: 10/10

What is Mind Movies?

What on earth is mind movies?

To put it the best I can.  It is your very own vision board run on autopilot.

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Subliminal Program- How do they work?

You’ve probably heard of subliminal messages.

There are lots of urban myths about how companies and advertisers use these kinds of messages to persuade customers to act in certain ways.

The truth is, however, that subliminal messages won’t make you do or feel anything you’re not already inclined to do or feel.

And, ironically, that’s what makes them such effective and powerful self-development tools.

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Subliminal 360 Program- Review.

Reprogramming Your Mind, Using Your Computer:
My Subliminal360 Review

Software :
Can a simple software tool really change your life?  I  decided to investigate.  I bought this program and have been using it ever since.

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6 Easy Tips to Stay Positive

People don’t really differ from one another.   Deep down we are all the same.

The only BIG difference is their ATTITUDE.

Let’s look at how we can use easy tips to stay positive.

We need it if you see all the negativity in the news these days.


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5 Benefits of Gratitude

Showing your gratitude can be a great way to spread positive feelings in the world around you.

When you think about it, reaching your goals starts with a single positive thought.

Many of us don’t think that Gratitude can be of any benefit.

But let me tell you I have experienced the benefits of practicing Gratitude.

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Express the right Feelings with Gratitude.

In the poem, a Poison Tree, William Blake wrote:

“I was angry with my friend.  I told my wrath, my wrath did end.

I was angry with my foe.

I told it not, my wrath did grow.”

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Five Positive Ways to Express Your Gratitude

Expressing gratitude can be difficult for some people.

Especially when you are not used to it.

We grow up thinking that we need to say thank you after something good has happened.

Often times, gratitude is mixed in with other feelings like jealousy, envy, embarrassment, or insecurity.


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What is the Secret to Success in Life?

People tend to think that they should not focus on motivation, but rather focus on discipline.

I want to show you that that is not the secret to success in life.

Read along.


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30 days Gratitude Challenge

I have a dare for you.  For 30 days to try out this gratitude challenge.

After that, if you feel it is not working for you.

Just stop.  What have you got to lose?

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