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The Four Agreements Review.

The Four Agreements

My opinion and review of this book.


The Four Agreements the practical guide to personal freedom.

Before I knew any better, I always use to think that life is the way it is for a reason.

I was also told that we are not here to stand out.  We are here to do our best and fit in.

The very first mistake in my life.  I learned the hard and long way that…


How Not to care what others think of You.

What others think of us!

Does it really matter?

We, humans, are funny people. We worry about what others think of us and how we will react to whatever they think of us.  And then we wonder what we should do and not do.


How to achieve success in life? – Learn the Easy Way

Have you ever felt that other people get things right and you are not sure what you are doing wrong, but you can’t find out either?

Have you ever felt drained emotionally?  Have you been wondering how to make things work for you in your life?


How To Achieve Your Goals- with no prior experience.

This time I'm going to make it BIG TIME!              As the days go by I find myself a bit down and I have to remind myself.

Hey, I'm going to make it Big Time, nobody's going to stop me this time.

 And so another week evades me...


SleepPhones Review


The world's most comfortable headphones for sleeping.


How do I stop Worrying about Everything? – the easier shortcut

Here you are going to learn exactly how you can stop worrying about everything today.

I also have a huge announcement I am going to make towards the end. So, keep reading…stick around for the entire post!

Let’s get right into the question how do I stop worrying about everything?


Top Meditation Techniques. -6 easy tips.

People who practice meditation often say that it changed their life. And it helped them find peace within themselves. And hey, scientist agrees with this claim. Confirming that meditation not only reduces stress but also improves your physical well being. It’s also a good exercise for the brain.

All right, so you are ready to give it a shot! But you have no idea where to begin and what to do. Don’t worry. This guide will definitely help you out. Let’s take a close look at the top meditation techniques.


Beginner Guided Meditation- learn Meditation fast.

Do you want to do meditation?

 Have you read and seen what guided meditation is and how it works?   Yet you are not sure if you will be able to meditate yourself.

I had the same issues when I started out with meditation. I was not sure where to start and what to do.


A How-to Meditation for Beginners Guide.

Are you a beginner in Meditation. Or have you never meditate in your life.

Today we are going to talk about how to meditate for beginners. I am going to guide you.   So you can start reaping the benefits of Meditation.