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6 Easy Tips to Stay Positive

People don’t really differ from one another.   Deep down we are all the same.

The only BIG difference is their ATTITUDE.

Let’s look at how we can use easy tips to stay positive.

We need it if you see all the negativity in the news these days.


Is it Positive or Negative?

This is what distinguishes people from one another.  A Negative attitude can ruin your life.
(I know you’ve heard this before but really it can.)  You can start the day negative and end it in total   “DARKNESS.”  

The reason why I am telling you this is I have experienced it.  My youngest daughter was in Grade 11 when I got divorced. This affected her a lot.  Every morning she uses to get up in a bad mood and she was the most unhappy child I had seen.

It got to a point where it was so bad.  I had no choice but to speak to her.  I told her that we make choices every day.  And that we choose to be positive or negative.

If you get up and decide you feel negative today.  This is the start of a bad day. You might not find your one shoes to put on.  You get even more upset.  Then when you arrive at school – the gates are locked, because you were late.

You get even more upset after all the drama of having your mom come and help you get into the school with explanations why you were late.

You go on and on and on – you don’t even realize how you are getting worse during the day.  It becomes so bad you become your own worst enemy.

Everything and everybody is a problem and does something wrong and irritates you.
You feel as if you are in a dark hole and you are sinking in deeper and deeper.

The light at the top is getting smaller and smaller. By the time you get home from school you are plain sick and tired of things going the way it is going.

You burst into tears…. You think to yourself.  I hate life. I hate everything in life.  I hate my life.  I hate myself. (This can be you in today’s world as well.)


You don’t know and you don’t understand.

This whole situation affects everything and everybody around you.

The next day is just the same, except you end the day off feeling just a bit more negative and it’s every situation or person’s fault except your own.

This situation is called snowballing.

You can’t live a Positive Life with a Negative mindset.

Attitude is a small thing that makes a BIG difference.

Thing is.  You need to WAKE-UP!

Yes, wake-up!

And when you wake-up in the morning ask yourself what is your Attitude most of the time?

As yourself, if you are going to have a great day or another miserable day?

Decide what it is that you want.

Is it how you want it?

Positive              or                     Negative
Yes for Life        or                     No for Life
Happy                or                     Unhappy

If it is Negative then you have made the wrong choice when you woke up!

Life is full of choices, and yes to be positive is a choice you make on a Daily Basis.

It’s not some choice you make this week for the month or so.  It’s something you do daily.

If you find yourself, on the other hand, feeling negative when you wake up and don’t know why.  I can tell you.  You have thought of something negative before going to sleep the previous night.

Now you wake up being negative.  So you must immediately decide that you will feel positive today.

If you do not commit yourself daily and make the decision you will end up being negative again and fall into the HABIT of “Everything and Everybody is a Problem.”

6 Easy Tips to Keep You Positive:

1.  Always look for the positive side of things in Life.  If you always look for the negative side of things – you will spend an enormous amount of time trying to overcome your Negative Thoughts. Start saying yes to life more often.

2.  Surround yourself with Positive People.  This will put you in a positive environment.  (And mood)

3.  Become aware of your feelings – change them if necessary.

4.  Read uplifting Articles and Books regularly.

5.  it’s easy to be inspired, but remind yourself to stay inspired.  (Easy way to do this is to keep a card in your pocket with Inspirational notes on them.)

6.  Every morning when you wake-up remember to decide:  If you want to be happy or not?
      Positive versus Negative.     

7.  There is an easy and better way:  I found this little gem.  It is easy and it is on autopilot.

Every night when you go to bed you listen and watch it and in the morning when you wake up.

It helps your subconscious mind.   You see we are programmed since birth.  When we are older we don’t realize that we live by that program.  We tend to think it is normal.  And that we are having a normal life.

Yet, it is not.  And this is why I say if you use this little gem on autopilot you will thank me.

There are so many of these programs.  I will only recommend the programs that I have used myself.  The ones that I can give you first-hand experience in.

My honest opinion about these that I am sharing is:

They are good and not one of them has failed me.

One that I have been using on my laptop and that works the entire day is:

Subliminal 360.

This program gets installed on your computer and then it runs in the background.  While you are working on your computer.

Mind Movies.

Absolute gem.  You can create your own movie and watch it.

Look at my example here – at the review page that I did about Mind Movies.


Subliminal Guru.

Great product and it comes in an mp3 format.

You can listen to each mp3 at your own convenience.

This is the one that I used and it really helped me.  The program runs and works on your subconscious mind. All you have to do is listen to it.

If you are interested you can have a look into each of these programs as I have done reviews on each of them.

Click the link’s below:

Subliminal 360

Mind Movies

Subliminal Guru


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