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Hey, my name is Karen.  My main aim is to help people like you find a shortcut to true happiness.



Although being a very positive person my whole life I struggled to find true happiness for years.

I know there are millions of people that can relate to the feelings, experiences, and heartache I have endured.

I grew up in what I would say was a normal South African household.

I was 19 when I met the love of my life and nothing could stop me from getting married.

We stayed on a family farm on the border of the rural area of Kwa Zulu Natal.

Little did I know.  Although I was a very positive young person.

This was where so much suffering, heartache, and pain and financial suffering, would take place in my life.

This drove me up the wall and lead to an emotional disaster?


I did not realize it then, but money was constantly mentioned and a problem and something to watch and complain about.

Mental abuse- without me realizing it happened at regularly tender age also didn’t help as far as wisdom was concerned.

This was a very hard uneven “gravel” road I had to travel.

We were so isolated, it was 50km of gravel and another 50 odd km before you reach the town. I had a very difficult time in my life.

It was not always all bad, but yes it felt as if the world of negativity was swallowing me alive.

Money was always an issue.

We did not have much and if we bought something – it was always an issue.

I could never understand why there always needed to be an issue with money.

Today I realize if you grow up believing something (anything), it doesn’t just take a snap of your finger to change your belief system.

Little did I know that during the time we lived on the “outskirts “of the world – (so it felt????) would be my years in which I would learn my biggest lessons in life.

The permanent negativity I used to live in affected me emotionally and gave me very low self-esteem over the years.

I would try to shake it off and get going again – only to plunder to the floor again realizing – this is a losing battle.

What for?   Why?   For whom?

Every now and again my mind would go into search mode so I turned to the internet for help – ways to make money.

Now I have been warned about making money on the internet.

So I had to choose something that I could sell offline – and in a rural area.

I found something and I borrowed money from my parents to start this new venture.

The venture started and I was doing exceptionally well.

I bought a vehicle and had installments to repay.

I did so well I was asked to go to a city (Johannesburg) and talk in front of 2000 people to tell them how I went from zero to hero in 2 months.

I got constant resistance. Unfortunately, I was asked to choose between this venture and my marriage.

I was offered a job in a small shop.

I remember this like yesterday.

I was given a salary of R1500 and the installment on my vehicle was R1503.00


Can you believe it!   

Well, what is important in life?

I had 2 children and we had to carry on and I had to pay for the vehicle.

To cut a very long and negative story short.

Life went on we tried numerous ventures of which a lot failed.

Today I realize why – as long as there is a backdoor standing open you don’t have to use the front door.


We finally left the farm in Oct 2004. 14 Years of my life spent there: 1990-2004.

We had a good income and I did not know what hit us having enough money till next month-end.

During this time we bought a few houses in town and moved into town.

Everything was going well. Then, unfortunately, my dad fell ill and passed away and I was alone with him.

This shook me to the bones.

I loved him so much.  I had to carry on and pretend as if everything was fine. Inside though my whole world was crumbling.

As if this was not enough my husband resigned from his job and “whala” we sat without income and money.

Now what?

We went backward and even further backward.

Made plans that failed and tried again and again.

It was so bad my youngest daughter and I used to walk to the stores and pick up 1c and 2c and maybe 5c the people dropped- we’d use this money to fill up the amount we needed for bread.

Fortunately for us after starting a Handy Man Services, we saw a gap in the market for selling houses.

There was no money for the franchise and the owner came from Durban and spoke to us.

For some reason, he was so generous to give me the franchise and I grabbed this opportunity with both hands.

I “jumped” in with all my heart – borrowed the books on how to become an estate agent and decided to be one in heart and soul.

I did pretty well.


I was busy and the days went by and I used to be known as the “sniffer dog.”

After getting my feet off the ground I opened a small office in town central.  I used that office for 2 months and a man came to me and listed his house and shop to sell.

When I went to have a look at the shop, something in me told me I wanted that shop.

I didn’t know how, but I had to have it. I got a few sarcastic remarks concerning the money and the how, but I got my shop!

Wow, everything turned for us. We were doing very well and we bought an SUV vehicle and a beautiful house.

Then came the turn again.

3 Interlink trucks and transport business that the shop had to pay for. Immediately the red light started to flash.

Again, let’s make a “soppy” story short.   These 3 trucks ended up in chaos.

The installments were way too high and the trucks were not busy at all.

Things went downhill and I decided: you know what – enough is enough!

I want out!

This was a mistake for everybody around me except for me.  I decided it’s my time now and that’s it.

People could not respect my feelings and things went wrong very wrong.

My relationships with my entire family were in total shambles and I didn’t have R10 to my name.

I had nothing on my name: no car, no house, only the laptop I had and the clothes.

During this time I made friends with a lady that I did not realize would help me so much in the future I would never be able to repay her.

Today I can only repay her with love.

She and her husband helped me in every possible way a friend can.


I know there are millions of people that can relate to the feelings, experiences, and heartache I have endured.  I am there to help you not to suffer as I did for so many years.



If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to contact me.

I will be more than happy to help you out.

Allow me to become your best FRIEND!


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