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Where can I find happiness?

There is no doubt about it.  We are living in uncertain times for sure.  There is this new spread of the virus that everybody has been talking about.                                                                                             This virus is called Corona Virus or Covid-19 as some people are referring to it.  I want to tell you that there has never been a better time to focus on our mental and emotional health than now. 


How to find Happiness from within Yourself.

The majority of people will never be happy.  What is the one thing we all have in common?  Can you think about what it is?

Let me help you.  We all have different lives, we live in different parts of this world.  We have different educations and different religions.  But we can all agree on one thing that we all want.  And that is to be happy.

No exceptions.


How to find happiness by yourself?

Don’t Worry, Be Happy.  Don’t we all want to do that?                                                                                  A reasonable life can be achieved by anyone.           An OK life.  An okay job.  OK relationships.  Anyone can have these.

If you want a great life, you must commit to leading a great life.

To do things that the majority do not do.

Commit to thinking like the minority not like the majority.


What is Happiness in life? Create your own.

This morning I read a quote that said:

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed.  Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love grace and gratitude.  ~ Denis Waitley.


How to Find True Happiness? read about this old lady

It can be easy.  Yes, it can.  We can learn from this lady how to find true happiness.

Read this story and let it saturate you.  How we see the world and our own little circle really can make a difference in our lives.

We always seem to think we need to react to things that happen to us. In actual fact, it is so important to rather respond.  (In the correct way.)

Sit back, relax and learn from this story.

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