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Daily Gratitude Practice

What if I told you that there is one thing that you can do every single day that will raise your vibration, bring you more prosperity.

Bringing you more happiness. Multiply your blessings.

And just help you live an overall better life.  Will, you believe me?  Only one thing.

Well, that thing is…


Daily Gratitude Practice.

It is so simple.  Really it is so simple.  You see gratitude is called the great multiplier.

The universe loves gratitude.  The more grateful you are the more the universe brings you more things to be grateful for.

Example of Gratitude.

You see you can live in a house right now that you don’t truly like.  But if you find something that you love about it and you start labeling it.  And start talking about it.  And say that you are grateful for it, the universe will bring you other things or greater things to be grateful for.

And it is that simple.  That is one of the secrets to my success. One of the little things that changed my life from struggling to a successful businesswoman.

Since I started in 2013 I have continued gratitude practices.  Every single day.  Even in tough situations.  Even during challenges do I do daily gratitude practice.

I think and feel and show that I am grateful.  Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude…

Right now…

I dare you to take five things that you are grateful for every single morning.

I want you to consciously choose five things you are grateful for.  It could be anything.  Such as your eyesight.  Or the function of your limbs.  Or your hearing.  Or the sun in the sky.  The night sleep.  Or even your cup of coffee.  The air in your lungs.  Your kidneys are working.  Or your healthy liver.  Really anything.

Tell the universe thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you for everything.  Thank you.  This is a sure way to usher in blessings in your life.  The author of the Science of getting rich:  Wallace D Wattles, says that most people are kept in poverty for their lack of gratitude.

You must say thank you.  And when you say thank you mean it.  Mean the words that you say.  This is a simple, simple act but it can transform your life.

Show gratitude!  Tell God, tell the universe,  tell source.  Say thank you. One by one you can start listing things.

If you have a favorite shirt say thank you for my shirt.  I love this shirt.

If you have a favorite pair of jeans.  Say thank you for my jeans.  I love these jeans.

What about your favorite pair of shoes?  Thank you for these shoes.  They are so comfortable for my feet.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You must list all the things that you are grateful for.  Talk about them.  Sing their praises.

Albert Einstein practiced gratitude by walking every day and every step that he gave he said thank you.  For everything, he saw around him.  The more you say thank you and feel it.

Then the universe will bring you more things to be grateful for.

This is a quick life lesson.

Which is of course gratitude multiplies your blessings.  But it also raises your vibrations.  What you focus on the longest grows the strongest. So, if you focus on what you are grateful for you can’t help but attract more of that same energy.

This is what I love about the law of attraction.

It’s simple.  It’s so crystal clear.  If I am putting out a simple frequency I can expect more energy that matches that frequency.  So if you put out the frequency of gratitude of being thankful, you have no choice but to bring in more things that make you feel thankful.

What I want for you. 

I want you to have an amazing life.  I want you to live the life that you deem fit. And I know of one simple way to have that all.  I have learned this over some time in my life.

Coming out of a poor marriage.  Always having a poor mentality.  I never knew about a thing so simple yet so powerful.  The one easy thing that only needs consistency.  You see, by you practicing gratitude.  You will change your life in so many ways.  Ways that many other things can’t change.  Now add onto the gratitude other memory focusing programs.  Even meditation.   Or a guided meditation.  Or music with a special frequency to change your brain waves.  Then you see the difference in your life.

But still, the phenomenal tipping point is gratitude.  Nothing helps you change your life like gratitude.

All I want for you:  Yes you!

The one reading here. It is the best life.

Really, amazing life and the life you were intended to experience.

And gratitude can help you achieve that!

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