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Does money bring happiness?

Can Money buy my happiness? Can money bring happiness to me?

I’ve been thinking the same thing for many years. Today I sit back and see so many people make the same mistake that I did. 


I always use to think.  If I had more money I’d be happier.  My family would be happier because then I can buy more “things” for them.  And by doing this I would provide better for them.

The outcome.


Was I wrong!

I learned one thing the hard way, after a quit dramatic divorce and sequestration.

Set your mind on your goal, but don’t make it your only resort.  

Especially if it is about money.

You need to find happiness first and the rest (money) will surely follow.

That is why you read so many people say – do what you love and the money will follow.

I want to tell you a story today that I think will help you understand this.

My Money Mindset story.

For years, I was brainwashed about money and the only thing that mattered was to have enough money to do even the little things – like buying groceries.

Clothing was only bought if it was an absolute must. 

I use to think about money all the time.  Everything I did revolve around money and the lack of it.   

I always thought if I could just get “this” or “that” I would feel better and be happier.  Then I would provide better for my children.

I struggled for so many years I started hating it.--- This was a mistake.  (Law of Attraction – whatever you send out you’ll receive back.) So, I kept on sending out the signal of struggling.  And that is what I got more of.

You see by focusing on the lack of money it started growing.  You need to be happy now for the universe to know what you want.  (more happiness)

This is the secret.

Your life does not have to be perfect, but the moment you are happy (even with the lack of money)  the universe sees you are vibrating happiness and you will get more happiness from the universe.  (the universe will change circumstances around you so that you become happier.)

The universe delivers what you want.  So the secret is to learn how the laws of this universe work and work with them.

Let me explain my short story for you.

When I felt I could not take it anymore I decided to get out and change my life.

Boy am I glad I did!

After I’ve managed to coup with my divorce and sequestration, I started to live again.  I started to find the little things that matter in life.  I started looking at the important things.  The bird sitting in a tree-I heard his song again for the first time in years.  I love nature and made an effort to getting out there as much as possible.

I understood what the word love meant for real for the first time in my life.  And this at the age of 40. 

 As adults, we so often miss the important little things in life, because we try to handle life the way we should when we enter adulthood.

This is one of the biggest mistakes we can make.

When I was married we were always struggling financially.  It was so bad, it eventually became second nature. 

For 21 years this carried on like this.  I started believing that  I married into a family that has changed my mindset about money.

My husband’s family always had this mentality of lack.  And it felt as if they liked it being like that.  They did not want to better themselves.  You see, you become like the people that you interact with every day.

I came to a point where I decided I want out.  One of my best friends helped me. 

Don’t get me wrong.  I went through a bad patch with the divorce.  But after this, I became happy at the moment.  I had to train my mind to be happy NOW.

This was the secret that changed my life.  I started practicing this daily.  Even when things were bad and I had to go to court often I practiced the following things:

  1. Always Laughing
  2. Always Happy
  3. Always Grateful
  4. Always Optimistic

This started changing my life slowly but surely.

The universe now felt my vibration and I got more of that.

Things started to change for me and I started doing well in life. 

I started to travel more and I started to live the life I always dreamed of.

For five years I traveled the country with my friends.  My business did very well- so well that I could do whatever I wanted.

Why?  Because no matter what I kept to my four A’s.

Why do we stay stuck in our old habits?

Why do we stay stuck in our old habits?

We don’t even realize that this is not the right way of doing things or trying to keep things in shape in this “adulthood lifestyle.”

We think if we do what it takes, we will get what we want – and normally we think this is money- the way to happiness.

Well, the moment you start focusing on the beauty of life again and appreciate it you will start feeling the change.

You also need to take action yourself.

It is when you no longer feel the need for money that money will come.

The feeling of needing money comes from the thought that you don’t have enough, and so you continue to create not having enough money.

You are always creating, and when it comes to money, you are either creating a lack of it or the abundance of it.

The lack of money is there for the root of evil because we all need money to survive and create wealth.

This is exactly how I learned that money will not make me rich nor will it make me happy.

I also learned that the lack of money will keep you poor and make you unhappy.

If you follow what I have told you above, I can promise you you will change your life.

(remember the 4 A’s in life.)  It boils down to Always, always, always…

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You see, when you decide that you will learn and make money – you have already half-way won the race. 

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