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Does Visualization really work? – read a true story.

Like you, I was wondering if Visualization really works and if I can use it.

As always I test everything I hear about.  (Must be because I grew up with a very skeptical mom.)

I want to share my short story with you about how I tested Visualization and the outcome thereof.


I read many books that told me how powerful Visualization is.  And I was wondering what you can do with this tool.

I also learned about affirmations, personal development, your mindset and a whole bunch of other self-help methods.  I decided to put visualization to the test myself and see for myself if it really works.

What to Visualize?

I started thinking about what I can use and set as a visualization test.

I thought about it and  I decided to take something very plain- I decided if I could visualize a R10 note (being South African) I wanted to pick up a R10 note.

Anywhere, it should just arrive in front of me.

Now a R10 is not even equivalent to $1.  But this was what I had decided on so I was not going to stop with it.

My short story.

I visualized seeing or picking up a R10 note.  I saw this in my minds-eye.

At first, I thought I’m crazy, but let’s try this “thing” anyway. I remember thinking.  I have nothing to lose and everything to gain if this Visualization –“story” works.

I sat down and started working on this in my mind.  I mapped the whole thing out in my mind.   I decided how it had to be folded, what it looked like and how it smelled.

I put in a lot of effort to know what it should look like in my mind.

I day-dreamed about it.  I must say I never wrote it down though.

At first, I thought maybe I should get something a bit easier so that I would get it quicker.  Then I decided I have made my decision and I want this R10 to appear.

And I don’t care where it appears.  As long as it appears.

In the mornings we always went for a walk. Every day I use to walk and search on the ground for this R10 that I decided was going to come to me.  This went on and on.  For 2 months I walked looking for the R10.  At first, I did not tell anybody. (Too scared they would think I’m crazy again!)

Then I decided to tell my best friend and her husband.  My friend asked me if I couldn’t have chosen something else as a R10 is not the easiest to just pick up!!

Money is scarce and people wouldn’t leave money laying on the ground.

I carried on and I was glad I told them because now I got it out and said it out loud. 

Well, then the 3 of us use to talk about this R10.  I kept on saying I am sure I will pick one up one day as we walk daily.

Life went on and the R10 was always there and in the back of my mind.  I searched for it regularly.

It felt like ages and nothing.  Not even a sign of a note.  Not even a sign of small change for that matter.

My decision.

One day I decided:  “You know what, I’m going to stop searching!”

That’s all I thought of it and finished.  I did not think why I want to stop or anything than just I’m not going to search for it any longer.

The outcome.

About two weeks later the three of us went for breakfast at our local Wimpy. (Famous eating spot in South Africa.)

I was sitting there minding my own business.  And being happy at the moment.

After having our breakfast, my friend’s husband said there is a R10 note on the floor.

His words rang in my ears.  My brain ran 1million thoughts.

I absolutely froze.  I did not move or say anything.

I was stunned.  I sat dead still.  I could not move.

I was wondering… Can this be true?  Is he joking with me?  Am I dreaming or just lucky?

I did not look back, the R10 he was talking about was laying on the floor behind me.

He went to pick up the R10 and when he put it down on the table in front of me- guess what happened?

It was folded exactly the way I imagined.  I was shocked to the bone.  I could not believe my own eyes.

It felt like a dream.  There the R10 was right in front of me- folded the exact way I thought and visualized it.

It came to me. I could not believe it.

First I was so happy I started slamming my hands on the table.

After I calmed down a bit I started thinking.

How did this happen?

I came to the conclusion that I found the secret of how visualization works.

I put out my intention of getting that R10 and I saw it in my mind.

The moment I stopped searching for it, it came to me.

This was the secret part.  You see without me knowing it.  I told the universe that I believe it will come.

(Remember I said I never thought anything of it not coming.  I just got tired to look for it.)

I never thought that I will not find one.

So does Visualization really work?

From that day we knew this powerful tool is really very powerful and we could use it.

Yes, visualization really works.

You see my dear friend,

There are a few lessons you need to take with you from this short story:

1. Visualization does work

2. The more vivid you see it in your minds-eye the better.

3. You need your subconscious mind to accept it and realize what you want.

4. You don’t have to search for it all the time – it will come to you at the right time.

In other words, release it- don’t hold on to it.

5. Everything is energy – thoughts are forces of energy going in and out of your mind- add visualization and good affirmations and your results are potent.

There is a wonderful tool that I have discovered and that I use daily.

It works great and you should really try it.  I think if I had this tool my R10 would have come to me even quicker.

Have a look…

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