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Express the right Feelings with Gratitude.

In the poem, a Poison Tree, William Blake wrote:

“I was angry with my friend.  I told my wrath, my wrath did end.

I was angry with my foe.

I told it not, my wrath did grow.”

The way we Express.

Either way of suppressing feelings, positive or negative ones, you need to know you’re withholding yourself from your true self and who you can be.

If you internalize your emotions – it’s as growing into the very same poisoned tree as William Blake wrote about in his poem.

So remember in the future:

You need to learn not to plant the seed of a poison tree.

Don’t conceal your true feelings.

The internal pressure will cause so many negative emotions that in turn takes up to much energy within you.

These emotions are fear, anger, hate to name but a few…

This can swell up to fill an entire swimming pool-like water fills a swimming pool.

If you stick to honesty in your feelings you will diffuse all negative energy.

Immediately this means less stress, tension, anger, fear, etc.

Gratitude goes a long way.

With gratitude as your “centre point,” you can still express honest but grateful feelings.  Always keep in mind the more gratitude you express the more you get back.  (Always.)

So, what do you want in life?

Give more of that what you want in life to others and I promise you, you will receive the same and even more back.

If you really feel a negative feeling towards someone – start with focusing on the problem and not the person.

Remember, we are all human and all make mistakes.

Tip:  Always try to express your thankfulness first. This helps with keeping frustration at bay.

If you can’t seem to find something to be grateful for I can assure you, you are not looking hard enough…

Start by looking around you.

Did you wake-up this morning?

Did you eat breakfast this morning?

Did you get dressed this morning?

Did you sleep in a bed last night?

Did you brush your teeth this morning?

Did you put on some shoes this morning?

So, do you still struggle to find something to be grateful for?

Tip:  Focus on positive, rewarding feelings and experience open and honesty.

With an attitude of gratitude, you will express how you feel in the correct way.

Why do you think in William Blake’s poem he readily told his friend of his anger?

He cared about his friend and was grateful to have him, so he wanted to diffuse his anger right away.  However, when it came to Blake’s foe, he was not so grateful and, instead, suffered greatly as he became a poison tree within his soul.

There is that tree again.

Remember:  The after-effects of how you think, feel and act is your spirit affecting you.

Read that again as it is so important for us to understand.

The after-effects of how you think, feel and act is your spirit affecting you.

So, seek inner peace, my fiend (within your heart and mind)



Using Gratitude Affirmations Can… 

Bring You Considerable Peace into Your Life

Do you think you have something to be thankful for?

If the answer is no then we have to find something and find it quick, because there is always something in a person’s life to be thankful for.

You can start by using gratitude affirmations in the mornings for all the wonderful things we feel, see and hear when you wake up.

When you repeat aloud these affirmations of gratitude, you energize yourself and gain the courage to face the day and all of the frictions and adventures it may bring.

Affirming your gratefulness helps you recognize that you can have what you most want and need in order to reap the fulfilling life you deserve.

Joy, money, love, and happiness are yours.

You deserve it!

Affirmations are very easy to use and they don’t take much time at all. In just a few minutes you can turbocharge your day better than a rocket-fueled cup of coffee ever could. By reflecting on your prosperity and abundance you’ll soar above your current highest high!

Gratitude Affirmations and Stress

Once you’ve worked affirmations into your morning (you can say them anytime again throughout the day or night, too) you’ll start to notice that your inner world is much less stressed.

When you have finally let it sink into your subconscious mind that you can have all that you need and desire, your stress will start to slip away. Your negative reactions are soothed and they slip away. You can now enjoy peace of mind and a sense of calm that you may never have known before.

12 Highly Effective Affirmations

  1. I feel an abundance of gratitude for everything I have and receive every day.
  2. My needs and desires are generously met. For this I am thankful.
  3. I am grateful for all the great health, love, and goodness that my life has revealed to me.
  4. I am continually amazed at how abundant my life is already!
  5. I am grateful for everything I experience in this lifetime. I overcome, I grow, and I prosper all the time. My abundant blessings, as well as my difficulties, all make me better, stronger, and more alive.
  6. I am so grateful for every person and everything in my life.
  7. I appreciate everything I have and I show my sincerest gratitude to my loved ones.
  8. The universe pours joy into my life every day. It has my cup overflowing with wealth, health, and love.
  9. My life is singular, unique and wondrous. For this, I am profoundly thankful.
  10. I clearly see the beauty of life that flourishes around me.
  11. I give gratitude for God’s endless treasures.
  12. I am grateful for my blessed ancestors living on through my blood.

Using the affirmations above along with your own will help you lead a less stressful and more fulfilling life.

Spending some time with positive affirmations, while appreciating all that you have and all that’s heading your way is one of the easiest “stress relief drugs” you’ll ever take.

Yet, affirmations come with no ill side effects and they’re free.

Choose peace in your life by using the power of affirmations and gratitude.


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