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Free Gratitude Cards.

I have often found myself searching for free gratitude cards on the internet.

I could not find any that had the words that I liked.

So I decided to make myself a few.

Why Use Free Gratitude Cards?


You might ask now why would someone use free gratitude cards.

Let me tell you what it has done for me.

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, we need to calm down and sometimes reflect on our own possessions.  Nowadays many people get out of touch with our everyday happenings, possessions and the things that really matter. (Like me.)

You know the old saying: We’re not all the same.  We differ from person to person.  (That makes us all unique and special.)- Well, here is my personal belief.  We are all connected.  We are all the same.  The only thing that differs is the way we think and act.  One thing is for sure though…

We tend to forget to be grateful for small blessings in our lives.

We think we should first receive something and then say thank you.

If you don’t start with those small things- we won’t even recognize the bigger ones at all.

The important function of being grateful is that it’s almost the best way to open your heart, mind, and soul for goodness and light.

Advantages of Using Free Gratitude Cards.

So, what does gratitude do for us?  By using gratitude cards they remind us to be grateful.

Not only that…they remind us to be grateful for something specific during that day.  Each day should be different.  These cards- carried in your pocket daily will remind you during the day that you need to be grateful.

Every time you touch it by accident you are reminded of what it is.  I use to take it out of my pocket and look at what is written on it.

Many times I could not remember during the day what was on my card.  I kept the card in the same pocket as I had my keys.  So, every time I took my keys out I would feel the card.

Then I used to pause and think about what it was that I am to be grateful for.

If I could not remember I took the card out, read it, and tried to feel what I said out loud.  Even if it was just for a minute.

Examples of Cards.

Here are a few examples that you can use on cards.

1. I am so happy and grateful for my life that has so much meaning.

2. I am so happy and grateful for being able to learn new things in my life.

3. I am so happy and grateful for warm water in my bath.

4. I am so happy and grateful for the house I live in.

5. I am so happy and grateful for the clothes I wear.

6. I am so happy and grateful for growing in my personal life.

7. I am so happy and grateful for being loved by my loved ones.

8. I am so happy and grateful now that I woke up today.

9. I am so happy and grateful now that things are going so well at work.

10. I am so happy and grateful now that people feel grateful that they know me.

11. I am so happy and grateful now that the universe gives me more to be grateful for.

12. I am so happy and grateful for my body and my health.

13. I am so happy and grateful for being able to see.

14. I am so happy and grateful for being able to read every day.

15. I am so happy and grateful for being alive.

There are literally thousands if not millions of things we can think about to be grateful for every day.

The Secret Power of Gratitude.- Important to learn!

Gratitude is an emotional signature when you are receiving something. It is when something has happened to you or is happening to you, you say thank you and you feel thankful.

So the emotional signature of gratitude means the event has already happened or it is happening to you.

The moment you open your heart and you feel gratitude that emotion is telling the body that the experience has already occurred.

The thought then can make it into the body because it is consistent with the thought.

Now you are beginning to program the autonomic nervous system into a very specific destiny.

Now you have got to maintain that state of mind and body the entire day.

No matter what the conditions in your outer world. (Environment)

(Independent of your body’s cravings or emotions and habits at the time.)

And then you can get ready.  Because something weird or unusual is going to happen.

(Some synchronicity, some opportunity or some coincidence is going to land in your lap.)

And you did not have to go and get it.

It came to you!


Small things that enhance Gratitude.

1. Share:  We need to share our gratitude with others.  If you are grateful for something or someone share it with a friend.  – It’s that simple.

2.  Small things:  Focus to start seeing small things again.  Don’t take everything just for granted.  Life tends to get crowded and we overlook so much just to try and survive.

Open your eyes – see the wonders around you again – they have always been there and they are normally FREE!

3.  Change your thoughts:  Take control of your thoughts from today on.  The moment you realize you are thinking something bad or negative call yourself to a halt!  Ask yourself:  “What am I thinking?”


Replace that thought immediately with a positive thought or image.


If this is difficult for you I have the solution for you….

I once read about a little girl that played the gratitude game.

She used to walk around finding things she could be grateful for.  Every day she would try to get one more than the day before.

Without her know it she actually changed her thoughts and feelings.

She became a very successful woman.  When people asked her how she did it.  She replied:  Start playing the gratitude game.  That’s all!

I have added a few free gratitude cards for you here.


Hope that you enjoy them.  You can right-click on them and save them to your computer.

Free Gratitude Cards

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