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Free Gratitude Journal Template.

So, I have been practicing gratitude since October download

I started out by learning what gratitude is.

Then I started practicing it daily.   Something that helped me, in the beginning, was to use a free gratitude journal template that I could fill in and complete myself.


Why use a free gratitude journal template?

If you are anything like me…
You would wonder why you need to practice gratitude deliberately in the first place.
In the beginning, when I started my gratitude journal I really did not know what to be grateful for every day.
I used samples from different free gratitude journal templates to help me.
Here are a few examples you can use:
1.  My self-worth
2.  My Body
3.  My Work/School
4.  My Money
5.  My Love Life
6.  My Friendships
There is a reason why I added self-worth at number one. From experience, I know that your self-worth is the most important thing when you start showing gratitude.

By using these different examples you can easily start to change the way you feel in each section of your life.


Ask Yourself the Question: Why am I?

To ask why am I grateful today for my self-worth?
Why am I grateful today for my body?
Why am I grateful today for my Work/School?
By doing this you will change your feeling inside of your heart. The moment you emit this feeling from the heart. This is when things in your life change.

Adding more Value to Gratitude.

Use the following scale to decide how you feel.
This can be very helpful to realize your feelings. Feelings are important. The feeling that you vibrate to the universe is what you give out. And remember what you give out is what you will receive more of.
So if you use this little graphic to show you how you feel and mark it you are being aware of your feelings.
By circling on a scale from 1 to 10 how you feel. You will make yourself aware of what you are vibrating to the universe.

Why Gratitude makes you feel better?

When we look at the David Hawkins scale it will give you a better idea of how gratitude can make you feel better.

You see on this scale hate is not even on it as it is lower than low.

What does Journalling do for you?

Our Universe and everything inside it vibrates at a certain frequency.

thoughts and feelings

To use a journal every day is a very powerful tool. You can use it to get your thoughts and feelings, (your vibration) on a higher level to attract what you want in life.
Hence the reason why I gave you the Hate and Love scale.

Here is one example that helped me cope with my feelings:

When you feel off of blue you can read through your different journal entries and feel upbeat again. (appreciating life’s small things again.)

Your journal is exactly that: YOUR JOURNAL. You can write anything in it without the worry of what someone would say about it. It helps you become more self-aware. It can help you to find out for yourself what really matters in your life.

By making a note of what you are grateful for you can see more clearly what serves you and whatnot. It makes you feel calmer. It brings your stress levels down for sure.


The higher your frequency the better you will attract. Gratitude journaling helped me through a horrific divorce. There are many studies, that have scientific proof of how gratitude journaling can help you.

Free Gratitude Journal Template.

Now that you understand what you can achieve with gratitude. I have made you a very simple download Hope you enjoy using it. I know it will help you to lift the vibration that you are emitting to the universe.

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions or comment below.

My Message to you. 

It really does not matter who you are or where you are from. It does not even matter where you are at this given time in your life. The only thing that matters is that with practicing gratitude you are able to change your entire life. It has so many benefits.

Apart from the vibrational lift, you get from practicing gratitude you increase your health. It also increases your wealth. It increases your relationships. You see it is one of the best ways to increase the good in your life.

If practiced daily you will start to feel the good in the change in your life. Some days, even I feel not so good. My mood is not always the same.

But by consciously deciding to write in my gratitude journal I change my mood instantly. This helps me feel better. To look at life in a different way and I immediately feel life is not that bad.

This makes me want to do more and more to increase my vibration. So next time you feel “off” or bad or even just a bit under the weather.

Take out the journal and get going. It is for your eyes only and you can write in there whatever makes you happy.

Another tip: I am a very visual person and absolutely love pictures of bright things. (anything bright- for that matter.) Use pictures, or photos in your journal.

Use anything that makes you happy and more grateful. By doing this. You will connect with yourself on a deeper level and start to understand yourself better.

Many times in our lives we get disconnected with ourselves and we don’t even know it. You will be amazed. When you start writing how much lighter you feel and how much clearer things start becoming.

You will also see what flows from your pen! To start off with I would take any book and start journaling. What I do till today is take an ordinary book.

Stick my gratitude page in it and start writing. I also stick my pictures into it and write whatever I want in my gratitude journal.

After all, it is my journal.


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