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How to achieve success in life? – Learn the Easy Way

Have you ever felt that other people get things right and you are not sure what you are doing wrong, but you can’t find out either?

Have you ever felt drained emotionally?  Have you been wondering how to make things work for you in your life?


The #1 problem.- Self Love.

If I had to sum it up.  I would say that things will never change in our lives unless we change.

To start with we need to love ourselves.  You need to practice love.  Real love.  Self-love was one of the biggest missing parts of my life.  I never knew it could have such a great effect on my entire life.  Even my love life as well as my finances.

So, the first thing I would change is my love for myself.  I did this the easy way.  I used MP3 affirmations about myself and how I felt about myself.  This changed the way I felt about myself and this changed the universal field around me.

Learning to love yourself is one of the most powerful things you can do with regard to self-improvement. 

It can fix things like low self-esteem, a strong need for validation from others, and also increase your levels of confidence. 

So, today I am going to show you exactly how to love yourself more.  I want you to think about somebody you really like.  It can be a celebrity, a family member, a friend, or even a fictional character. 

I am just going to use a celebrity that almost everyone likes.  As an example.  I am going to use Keanu Reeves, the guy from the Matrix.  Now, what is so special about Keanu?  Other than the fact that he doesn’t seem to age?

Why do people love him so much?

Well, there is a couple of reasons.  Personally, what I love about him is that there is always some story going around, how he is going out of his way to help other people.  And the best part is you never hear these stories from his mouth.  It is always some stranger on the internet who happened to be there, witnessing the good deed, that’s telling you the story.

This means Keanu Reeves goes around doing good things all the time without ever bragging about it.  He doesn’t do it for validation from other people.

He doesn’t do it for points on the internet or for the attention.  He does it because genuinely likes being a good person. 

 For example, Just a couple of weeks ago Keanu was on a public plane and for some reason, the plane had to do an emergency landing.  That as you can only imagine must be pretty scary.  Most of the people on that plane probably thought that they were going to die that day.  Luckily for everyone, the plane managed to land safely. 

No one was injured, but they landed about 100 miles away from their intended destination. 

So right after they landed, instead of calling a private taxi and going his own way, Keanu decided to hire a van and fills it with as many people as possible from the plane. 

He paid for the entire ride and has the van drive everyone for two hours to their intended destination. For the entire ride he looked up fun facts about the place they landed in which was Bakersfield California.

He played country music on his phone so that people could feel more ease.  Because again, these people just experienced an emergency landing on a plane.  So you can only imagine how stressed and traumatized some of them where. 

This is just one example.  There are a ton of stories of him picking up hitchhikers, caring for homeless people and giving up his seat on a subway.  And just being an all-around good guy. 

But you never hear any of these stories from him.  You always hear them from someone else.  Now, why am I telling you so much about Keanu Reeves?

What does any of this have to do with learning to love yourself more?

Well, if you think about it – it is certain traits that make people so lovable.  The reason I like Keanu is not that he is a celebrity or because I love the movie the Matrix. 

I like Keanu because of this specific trait that he has.  That again is doing good deeds, without bragging about it.  And this is where the secret to learning how to love yourself lies.  

All that I would have to do is take this trait and add it to my character and just like that I would start loving myself more.

If I started doing good deeds and never brag about it I would start loving myself more.  Because if you start incorporating the favorite traits of other people that you admire and love, and think about the reasons why you love them so much. 

Add them to yourself.  And guess what?

You will start loving yourself more.  The reason that we don’t love ourselves is that we have traits that we don’t like.  Maybe you think you are lazy, maybe you think you are awkward in public, maybe you think you are irresponsible and others can’t depend upon you.  

If you are like me and you don’t like these traits in other people, but you have them in yourself, then, of course, you are not going to love yourself.  Because you have so many traits about yourself that you dislike.  

All you need to do is fix this ratio.  Decrease the number of traits that you dislike and increase the number of traits that you like.

If you look up to someone considering how much bravery they have.  All you have to do is start doing what you consider to brave things like taking risks, speaking up for yourself, or standing up for others and you will start loving your self more.

If you are looking up to someone that you consider is hard working.  Then you must start doing what you considered to be hard work.  Like building habits, making progress in your projects, or hitting the gym and you will start loving yourself more. 

If you look up to someone because they are a social butterfly.  Then all you have to do is start talking to more people.  Or try to have deeper conversations and you will start loving yourself more. 

If you start incorporating the traits of people you look up to and like, you will start loving yourself more.  It is that simple.  So the next time you see somebody you admire or a friend that you like. 

Ask yourself this.

What is it about them that I like so much.  And how can I add that trait to my own life, so that I can learn to love myself more? 

Now if you are wondering how to find people and their traits that you would like to incorporate in your own life I suggest. 

  • Reading Biographies.  

By reading celebrity biographies you will learn about their traits and you can use these traits in your own life. 

 If you need help with this I suggest you read the following book.

The Power.

You can also find free downloadable MP3’s of your choice to help you with this.

Problem #2.- My perception.

The way I see things is not always correct.  I use to have this outlook that I am correct and I know it.  This is not always the right way.  And sometimes this can hurt you more than do you good.

You see the way we see things might look right from our angle, but it might not be the best angle for the Universe to give you what you want.

A famous quote that will show you what I mean is:

It doesn’t matter what we think.  If we think we are right then that is how it would be.

Only when you can do some deep searching within yourself, will you be able to find another way of looking at things.  Seeing there is more than one way to look at things.

The easiest way to change your perception is by watching this 8-minute video on how to do it yourself.

Problem # 3.- The blame game.

For many years I played this game.  Why, because I did not know of any better and thought that everything in my life – not working out is due to other people.

I blamed my husband at the time for us not having enough money.  I blamed him for marrying me and make me live in the outcast of the world.  Everything was plain blame for me.

This makes it easier for me.  Why?  Because it is not my fault. 

I had to wake up and realize that life does not owe me anything.

I had to change my blame game- to myself – and corrected it.

The moment I started to change the way I perceive things.  My life started to change as well.

I had to find out the hard way that I am the only one to blame.  Then I had to learn that I don’t have to blame myself.  I could fix these issues I had.

  • I changed.
  • I stopped being a victim.
  • I raised.  
  • I am going to do anything in my power to change.

You can read Eric Thomas book "The Secret to Success”                            ====>

Or better yet get the Audible version.  No worries to read.  You can listen to it in more places than you can read any book.

Problem # 4. -My subconscious Mind.

Now here was one of my biggest obstacles in life.  I tried to change and do what I could to change my life and my finances.  But I never realized that my subconscious mind runs the show 95% of the time.

This made me sick to the bone.  How come nobody ever told me this?

Why did I only find out how to change this at the age of 48?

Look at this little video that explains it well.

Yes, you guessed it right.

I had 3 Psych-k sessions.  This helped me to change my subconscious mind automatically.  And I also listen to an MP3 every single night of my life.

When you join my mailing list you receive this very same MP3 that changed my life for free.

Why do I do this?

If I help change 1 person's life I have bettered the world.

If you are interested in reading the  “soppy” story of my life please download it here or click on this little PDF book below. 

 We learn from other people and that is how we change our own lives.

If you liked this article please feel free to share it.  Together we can change the world.  One person at a time.

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