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How to Develop a Positive Mindset.-within 21 days.

Have you ever wanted to develop a positive mindset?

But then again, you wonder how much effort is needed to change your mindset.  To start being the positive person you want to be?

Here is the plan:

How often do we let disappointments change our overall mindset?  I think very often – and that is so wrong.  (Don’t get me wrong – I include myself in this situation.)

When things flee into different directions except for the one direction we anticipated – we very often feel like giving up.

We immediately begin feeling negative and just feel like handing everything to the first and best one that comes along.

This is where we tend to make the biggest mistake.  Instead, we should remember that with a positive mindset giving up will be no option for us!

You need to eliminate any and all negative thinking if you want to become a high-achiever.

This is a fact – and the sooner you start realizing it the better for ourselves and we can start the change of attitude as well.

Remember this:  You can measure your success with the amount of effort you put into making positive changes in your life.

It has been proven that you can achieve a changed mindset in as little as 21 days.

21 days is not that long at all.  Scientists now discovered that we need to do something between 66 days and 366 days to form a permanent habit.

The secret here is that on day 21 you are so into the habit already.  The chances of you quitting is less than likely.

Read on and find all the tools you need in the palm of your hand right now.

Commit yourself today – for changes in 21 days:

 Don’t ignore disappointments.

Get grip on your feelings and handle your disappointments.

By facing your disappointments and handling them correctly you won’t have those bad feelings that linger.

You owe it to yourself to free your mind. 

Holding onto disappointments holds you back from many other opportunities.  Even just being in a negative mindset holds you back.

I can prove this to you.

(Read my book about making your attitude your ally.)

Use each challenge as a new stepping stone to reach even higher than before.

Acknowledge your achievements.

Spend time daily to sit and acknowledge your achievements.  Include them all- from small to big achievements.

Any small or little achievement will add up and make you smile, which is good and will mean a lot to you when you add it to your list of achievements.

You need to avoid any negativity as it will diminish the joy of your achievements.  You deserve every good thing coming your way in life.  Accept it and open your arms to it.

 Balance yourself spiritually.

This is very important and spiritual peace is the glue that holds this unpredictable world together for us. It allows you to be more accepting of different situations every day.

Connect with your inner self every single day.

Welcome, Positivity.

Be open to positivity and surround yourself with it daily.  This helps to build your new mindset.

Make a special effort every single day to connect with positive people and people who bring out the best in you and help you feel more positive.

To have family and friends around you can remind you of life itself and how beautiful it can be.  (Sometimes we take things for granted.)

Their support can sometimes change your whole outlook and mean the world of difference to you.

You need to do this for 21 days.

You need to make these small or sometimes larger adjustments every single day for 21 days to see the change take place.

We all know it takes time to change a habit – 21 days- whether it is good or bad the habit forms.

Your aim should be:

To build a happy life by forming positive habits and use them!

The moment you focus on this aim you will see how your life unravels right in front of your own eyes.

I want to share with you what I did and how it helped me to develop a positive mindset in a short period of time.

There was always this feeling that I could be more positive.  But even if I tried my best I could never get to the feeling I longed for for so long.

One day I watched a video about somebody talking about a specific sound.

Listen here:  It explains it all.

Here are the frequencies and what they are for:

  1. 5-2hz – Deep Delta, Deep Sleep & Meditation, Healing, Regeneration processes.
  2. 3-7hz: Theta State, Pre-Sleep & Meditation, Intuition, Vivid Imagery, Learn, Memorize.
  3. Subconscious is Recording. (5hz + affirmations)
  4. 8-11hz: Alpha State, Calm & Relaxed.
  5. 12-38hz: Focus Attention, Solve problems, Make Decisions, Anxious, ExcitedShow less

You see this one:

  • Subconscious is Recording. (5hz + affirmations)

This is the one that we need to use often.

The one that when listened to every night while going to sleep and every morning after waking up will change our thoughts and this will change our mood and happiness on autopilot.  This is when we develop a positive mindset without all the effort.

Here are my preferences for these kinds of programs.  And believe me, I have purchased so many of these programs that claim they work.

Yet, so many of them are not working at all.  So if you want a shortcut you can choose between the programs that I show you here as I know they work, because I am currently using them daily.

You can also get more information on each of these programs as I do reviews on the programs and products that I purchase.

If you are still wondering how they work you can read all about it here.


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