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If I could change the world.- my world.

We have been lied to. We have been told that the only way that the world will change is when we fight.  Fight against poverty, fight against environmental destruction, fight against animal cruelty. Fight against corrupt politicians. Fight against injustice and hatred.


But what if they had it all wrong?

What if our very fighting is helping to perpetuate these problems?

Now, you will ask. "How could that be?"

Well, quantum physics has now proven what the ancient mystical traditions have always said.

We do not live in a physical universe.

But don’t take my word for it.

“Reality is merely an illusion, Albeit a very persistent one.” ~Albert Einstein.

What he meant was that the physical world is an illusion.

It has been calculated that if we took all 7,7 billion people on earth.

And remove all the empty space in between their atoms the entire human race would fit into a single cube of sugar.

Let that sink in.  So much for a solid world.

The hidden truth of reality is that this is a universe built on true pure energy.        

Pure consciousness.    

It only appears and feels solid, because that is how our brains are programmed to perceive and sense it.


If this consciousness has no physical boundaries. It is intimately interconnected everywhere. This means that if you fight any problem in this world. With anger and injustice and resistance in your heart.

Your consciousness is seeding the energy field. Of humanity with this negative contracted energy.

So, what may seem to you that it is helping you fight on the physical front? Or what you think you are fighting for may improve. There will be no ultimate resolution.

Why? Because the energetic seed you planted will be alive. It will unite with the energy of its kind from all over the world. And necessitate the manifestation of new problems.

Because that is how reality works. Consciousness creates physical reality.

Your state of consciousness, as well as everyone else state of consciousness, is what is creating our planet's future moment by moment.

But the vast majority of people have been mis-educated and misinformed.

They are fighting for a better world on the physical front. But their underlying consciousness is the blueprint for more injustice and more problems to be born into the world.

This becomes a vicious cycle that will not end. Until we wake up to the truth.

The truth is that no amount of fighting, protesting and drama will create real lasting change for as long as there is anger, hatred, and resistance in our hearts.

We have been down this futile path for endless centuries. One problem solved, and a new one springs into place, necessitated by the energies that solved the first one.

When will we realize that there has to be a better way?

Better way.

The better way has been proven to us four decades ago. But no one took notice.

In 1978 a scientifically controlled study was conducted on a group of 7000 meditators. Who meditated for three weeks in a state of love and peace.

The outcome.

What happened next was stunning. It was discovered that during this period global crime rates dropped by 16%. Global suicides and car accidents also dropped.

The most astonishing thing of all there was a decrease of 72% in global terrorism.

Let’s stop and think about that for a moment.

The entire world change because of a group of people that came together and meditated. Because of their state of incoherence in a higher state of consciousness.

A state of love and peace. And this shocking results acquired because we don’t live in a physical universe.

These powerful waves were sent out and were experienced by the entire world. It affected mass behavior without people even realizing it.

My Conclusion.

It’s time for us to wake up about our reality. It’s time for us to wake up about these hidden truths about our reality.

It’s time for us to drop the old paradigm. That says the world will change by fighting change with anger and hatred. It is time for us to embrace the new paradigm. To Accept it and help change the world.

It’s time for us to use a different way to change the world. One that will change forever and in a lasting way. We can do all this through the incredible power of our consciousness.

The love that we feel in our heart, is an actual power that we have.

It is the most powerful force that we have. It is not a cliché.

We have been conditioned to believe that it has no real effect.

But you can see that power is world-changing.

One person. Like you have the unlimited amount of seeds to plant in this world into the collective consciousness. That can change our world.

Start with me this very moment.

  • Close your eyes.
  • Open your heart.
  • And start sending love into this world.
  • Feel the peace.
  • And let your consciousness abide with it.

Every single second that you do this, literary rewrite our planet's future with a new and energetic blueprint.  

And if you are meant to take physical action to help the world. It would be spontaneously sponsored by love and be infinitely more powerful than that which is fueled by anger.

With love, you can help to change this world. It does not mean you have to participate physically.

We can all add a little to help change this world with love and our thoughts. And eventually our actions.

By doing this you are helping to change this world on a foundational level that creates reality.

You are the superhero and savior that you have been waiting for.

You just didn’t know it!

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