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Positive Affirmations – The Easy way…

Positive affirmations are one of the most effective ways to create a positive attitude.  This can help your ability to achieve your goals.

So what are positive affirmations?


Basically, it is a statement that describes a goal- in its completed state.

By repeating affirmations every single day you basically communicate with your subconscious mind.

You are sending images (thoughts) of what it would look like when you achieve your goals.

You need to repeat your affirmations daily.  By doing this, you are telling your subconscious mind what images (thoughts) you want for success.

By repeating this daily over a long enough period of time, these affirmations will become your new beliefs. (Ever heard the saying to change your belief system?)

You use these positive affirmations to train your subconscious mind to think the images (thoughts) you’re sending it are true and you already have it.

You have to work it.

You need to practice and get your subconscious mind working with you and to agree about everything in order to achieve your goal.

As soon as you have got your subconscious mind working with you- everything will start changing for you and your subconscious mind will start working on making every goal a reality.

The better you understand how this works the quicker you will get your subconscious to work and help everything to materialize.

These affirmations help from your overall level of success to anything you want.  Your self-esteem, your attitude, lose weight, forgiving someone or even your finances.

(Actually for pretty much anything you can think of.)

It really does not matter what the goal is – the proses that you follow is the same every time.  So it’s best for you to get this right from the word go….

So how do I write and use these affirmations?

If you like the short and sweet way I can give you a few guidelines here:

What can you think of that is in your current life situation that you are not happy about?

Take a piece of paper and write the exact opposite of this situation.

Always keep this in the present tense.

Include how you would feel – remember you must imagine you’ve achieved the goal already.

Say you want a new car.

Your affirmation will be:  “I am feeling so happy and smell the leather seats of my new red BMW XXXXXXXXX series while driving through town.”

Replace XXXXXXX with the exact model you want.  Can you see how I colored it in?

You need to feel and smell and even see the color of the car in your dream.

I will suggest you start with a maximum of 5 positive affirmations if you like a lot,  but the norm and most effective is to use 3 affirmations that you repeat to yourself daily.

If you don’t know how to fit affirmation (sessions) into your daily life.  You can always listen to affirmations.

But again, I have tried it.  Try to write them down as well.  This is very important.  It has been proven scientifically that if you write your affirmations you ingrain them into your brain.

Time spent to watch something on TV that is not important could rather be used for affirmations.  On your way to work in the car or even while you stand in a queue somewhere waiting.

Remember the more you repeat them the better your results will be at the end.

Just give it a try….

What have you got to lose?


If your life situation is already bad- affirmations will definitely not make them any worse, in fact, it will rather help to better the situation.

If what you want to achieve is really important for you to sit down today and start writing your affirmations down and create your list.

Start affirming them today still and see how your tomorrow changes for you…

  • If you don’t like writing them down you can also have a look below at the positive affirmations I made for you here.
  • The more you listen to it the better.
  • Sit, close your eyes and relax, then listen -that’s it.

Positive Affirmations Daily – How to maximize the results. 

If you have done your affirmation writing. You need to know how to use affirmations effectively so that you can transform them into your new beliefs. (which will  help you develop a positive attitude  and in turn  your goals.)

There are two  ways:

 #1: Maximize Your Exposure.

 This method is to repeat your affirmations daily, but frequently throughout the day.

You can either repeat them in your head or say them out loud.  You can also increase the effectiveness by using a program on your computer that flashes the affirmations and images for you.  (I have done a review on the program that I use and trust.)

If you want to you can even set your screen saver to come up with your affirmation.  The secret is to hear and see them repeatedly.

Recordings you made and listen to daily will also help. You can also print them and stick them up wherever you are on a daily basis.

You need to get as much exposure as you can.  The reason being, to install these new affirmations as quickly as possible.

Let’s take an example to explain this whole process:

Say you want more money.

You can keep telling yourself that you are wealthy.  If you don’t use affirmations and affirm to your subconscious mind in the correct manner and as much as possible daily your subconscious mind will not quite believe you.

And if this is the case you can try as much as you want to you will never get what you wanted in the first place.

You need to use those affirmations frequently in order to overcome the resistance from your subconscious mind. ( or inner voice) this message will start sinking in and in due time this message will become your new belief.

#2: Good Quality Exposure.

 So the point is to install new beliefs into the subconscious brain.

The best is to get yourself in a relaxed state of mind.  When your mind is relaxed your inner voice (subconscious brain) and your brain will not be arguing with each other.

The Gurus say one of the best ways to do this is with Meditation.  Again I struggled for years with meditation – up till today I can’t do it without help.

Read about meditation here.

You can imagine for yourself- meditating in the evening and falling asleep while a program (or beats) are busy with the little inner voice.  (Sorting it out!)

Please always remember to use a program for at least 100 days before deciding if it works for you or not. The latest scientific research has shown that you form a habit between 66 and 365 days.

So if you choose 100 days you should have installed the new habit.  If not entirely at least halfway.

I have added a pdf with affirmations here: Louise Hay Cards

If you enjoyed this article you might enjoy my other articles on the one program that really assists me with the meditation I spoke about earlier.


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