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Review on Manifesting

Product Description:  The No-BS Manifesting Guide.

Pros & Cons:  Many Pros – No Cons in my opinion. 

Price:  $27.   

Free:  Cheat Sheet.

The Free Cheat Sheet.

So about 6 months ago I bought the No-BS Manifesting Guide.

I started off with the Free Cheat Sheet.  I was intrigued by the free sheet.  It stated we can manifest anything with their  5 –Step Manifesting Technique.

The part that I loved the most was this one….

These are the exact steps you take during this guide to teach you how to manifest anything in your life.  I have actually done this guide about four times.  It is really easy to do to work through.

The Logo.

Here is their logo.

The Guide Itself.

The guide is a 109-page book that you download.  You also receive a short guide to releasing. (Very important.)

Important facts about Manifesting are shown at the beginning of the guide.

They actually clear the air around the law of attraction and manifesting.

At the end of each chapter, they have key points that reflex what you have learned in that chapter.

They guide itself is laid out in an easy read format.

A Short Guide to Releasing.

Here you will learn what releasing really means.

11 pages in total.

It is extracted from the book “The Secret Art of Self-Development” ~by Karl Moore

Bonuses added.

Besides the guide and the short guide, you get 2 songs for free.

These songs are very upbeat and stick to your mind.  (Done like this for a reason, as you can imagine.)

There are also 2 videos to watch. The one is manifesting with Carl Harvey and the other is Ask Believe Receive interview that was done with Karl Moore.

Get yourself ready for 2 manifesting listen along with audios.

There are 6 hypnosis bonuses you receive.

The manifesting guide is one of the best guides I have read on how to manifest something.

Who is Karl Moore?

Karl Moore is one of the owners of Inspire 3.

He is the best selling Author and self-development leader.

@ Inspire 3 they only create content that is science-based.

Here is the photo of the group.

Did I waste my money buying this product?

Not at all.  They offer value for money and the best part is it is based on science.

So you can rest assured that this guide will help you.  It will show you the science way of changing things in your life.

Will I recommend this purchase?

I personally think anybody that has been struggling with the law of attraction. (Especially after the famous movie: The Secret) should buy this guide.  Watch the movie.

And you will have clarity in many ways that we have not been taught correctly.


In order to be able to do these simple 5 steps.

You need to read the entire guide.  If you don’t you will not understand how to really apply these 5 steps in your life.

It all sounds easy… like Nelson Mandela said…

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

So my suggestion is to read the guide and the short guide to releasing. (Need more help to decide: take the quiz here.)

Then listen as often as you can to the two listen along with audios.

I would also suggest you follow their Facebook page.  The daily inspirational messages on it are precious.

For me, this is a YES!yes






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