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Five Positive Ways to Express Your Gratitude

Expressing gratitude can be difficult for some people.

Especially when you are not used to it.

We grow up thinking that we need to say thank you after something good has happened.

Often times, gratitude is mixed in with other feelings like jealousy, envy, embarrassment, or insecurity.


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What is the power of Gratitude?

Have you heard people saying?

Why can’t you be more grateful? At some point in our life, we hear these words.

When we are young, we hear them from parents, teachers, grandparents. Some of us heard it as an adult from our spouse or partner.
Today we will be looking at what is the power of gratitude.
There is no doubt that being grateful changes things in our lives.

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Free Gratitude Cards.

I have often found myself searching for free gratitude cards on the internet.

I could not find any that had the words that I liked.

So I decided to make myself a few.

Why Use Free Gratitude Cards?


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Positive Gratitude Affirmations.

I first learned about affirmations in 2013.

Deep down inside I knew I am a positive person.

I did not know that I can become more positive on a daily basis though.


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What is the opposite of Gratitude?

From many years of experience let me give you my version of what is the opposite of gratitude.

I never really thought about it until the other day.  I finally realized that Gratitude has an opposite.

Really it does.

Let’s find out what it is…

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