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The Magic book review-is this book worth the read?

Product:  The Magic Book ReviewCustomer reviews

Product Description:  The book that shows you the way to a magical life.

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Pros & Cons:  Daily tasks read and do. Short and great to do. It makes you see new things again. One Con that comes later in the book is that the exercises get so many in one morning that you feel it is too much though. (Can be overwhelming.)

Price:  $9.79

Today I want to go over a great resource called: The Magic.
One of the things I liked about this book is that it is a book that you can do with someone like your partner or a friend.magic

It is not about reading alone. There are daily tasks you can do and it makes it great when you do it with a partner or a friend. The entire book teaches you about gratitude.

To become thankful for things in life and to understand what gratitude means. It also teaches you how to practice this gratitude. Even more important, to learn how to feel when you practice gratitude.
In 28 days, you can take a journey that will change your life.
Long ago, sacred texts held secrets we can unravel today.
One word can change your life.
And that is gratitude.

Detailed summary: The Magic Book Review.

In the first part of the book, the author wants to know if you believe in magic.
Rhonda Byrnes states that people that don’t believe in magic will never see it.
She asks us to go back to childhood. The days that we did believe in magic. The days when everything was good. Fascinated by everything.
She elaborates on the feelings we had as kids. She manages to take us back to a time in our life when we felt life is so good and beautiful.
She wants to know what happened to those thoughts and feelings?
She then reminds us that we can still have it.

Ancient Mystery revealed.

Here the author reveals to us a mystery that has been kept a secret for ages.

Rhonda’s words:  …the law operates on your thoughts and feelings because they are energy too, and so whatever you think, whatever you feel, you attract to you.

Using the mystery will change these thoughts and feelings – and so whatever you think, whatever you feel, you attract to you.

The Magic Book Review- There is a Thread.

Ronda shows us how to participate in a morning routine.  By looking at things we should be thankful for.  To start counting our blessings.  She gives you reasons to be thankful if you are like-  many people that forgot how.

She calls this a golden thread that runs through your life.

Bring Magic into Your Life.

By using gratitude we bring magic into our lives.

You can change anything with gratitude:

From relationships, health, wealth, career, your desires…anything.

You need to believe it and start practicing it.

If you can’t find reasons to be thankful then the fault lies with you.  (Makes one think.)


There is a Magic Formula.

  1. Intentionally use the words: thank you. (think and say it)
  2. The more intentionally you use the words thank you, the more gratitude you will feel.
  3. The more gratitude you use and think intentionally the more abundance will come into your life.

Overall feel- the Magic Book Review.

I think if you do your daily tasks and keep going at it this is the easiest way to learn how to change your life.

Extracts from the book the Magic.

Con’s- The Magic Book Review.

We don’t all act the same. We also don’t feel the same when doing certain tasks.

Some may feel overwhelmed by the thought of doing a task for 30 minutes or longer.

If you cut yourself slack and do the tasks but take longer to complete the book.

It should be okay. You need to feel comfortable with it.

My Discovery

I was one of those people that where unaware of Gratitude and what it could do for you. (the same as the author.)

I saw what happened when I started using gratitude in my life.

It is no use telling somebody to use Gratitude that does not know how to use it to change their lives. I thought I was grateful and thankful in my life.

But turned out I knew nothing about Gratitude.

Saying thank you on the odd occasion also does not mean that you practice gratitude.
I am living proof of this gratitude practice in my life and what it has done for me.





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