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What is the Law of Attraction and How does it work?

Quite simply, whatever you think defines your life.
Your thoughts attract the things that occur or appear in your life, like it or not!!

In terms of energy, we are all one – all of us belong to the universal energy system. Every single thing in the whole world and the whole universe is that we are all part of the same consciousness and we are all connected.




What is the secret behind the law of Attraction?

The secret is that your thoughts don’t manifest immediately, no – we need to focus on them, nurture them, and pay attention to them as we would with a newborn baby.
We need to empower them by strong emotion and a belief that they are going to manifest.  The same as we would with a baby, you know he or she will sit at 5-6 months.

Below are a few examples:

in our everyday life, of the law of attraction at work:

This is one I’m sure we’ve all experienced.  Sitting thinking of somebody and the phone rings and that person’s on the other end of the line.

Ever had one of “those” days?

Everything goes wrong as your day progresses it just gets worse?

Guess what the more you think “what else can go wrong?” the next bad thing happens.  You guessed it, what you think you attract.


Have you noticed the minute you set your mind on buying a specific brand and type of car, they seem to be all around you suddenly?

The thoughts of the specific car are what has manifested it in your life.

Admit it these are examples of events in your everyday life, one needs to go one step ahead of this.  One needs to really focus on positive things you want to add to your life.

One needs to “walk the walk” and not just talk the talk.

If you have the knowledge you have power!

Firstly you need to understand, accept and act.  It’s important to understand that like attracts like and what you want is what you get.

So one needs to do far more than just sitting and waiting for your life to change you have to make it happen!

Let’s say you want to learn a new language, Latin.  So what’s next?  You can’t just flip through a few books, one needs to get a tutor as well as books and watch movies.

You have to make an effort and work at understanding the language.

It’s exactly the same with anything in life you feel you want to change.  You need to take the first steps as to getting to understand, manifesting and take the time to teach yourself how the Law of Attraction works.

Remember we are all normal inquisitive human beings, some of us get so excited by the idea of the possibilities that the law of attraction opens to us that we fail to dig deeper and get a better understanding.

It’s not a quick fix or a wish that will just change overnight, no it’s much much more than that.  Thus being the reason a lot of us just say “nothing happened, nothing changed.”

Once you understand the principle, in other words, you need to change your attitude, the way you see things, how you think and power your emotions to bring about the change you will see how simple it is.

Remember one must use one’s thought as a weapon to manifest one’s dream life and one needs to learn how to define them properly.

Most of us focus on what we don’t want, big mistake, because the more you think I don’t have friends, I hate my job, I don’t want these big ears, the more of that is in actual fact being attracted to us.  The longer we think of these negative things the more we attract.

So let’s think:   I have lots of true friends.

I just love my highly paid job.

My ears finish off my beautiful face perfectly.

So one needs to stop all negative thoughts that just cause us to be unhappy and make our future miserable and think and feel “happy thoughts,” changing one’s thoughts will make your emotions change and in so doing paint a happy picture in one’s subconscious and that’s all you need to do to put the wheels of the Law of Attraction in motion.

You and I don’t even have to worry about how it’s going to happen, because it will and know that it will.  Use every ounce of imagination possible to picture a beautiful house you want to live in.

Imagine the braai area, the pool, the lounge to the bedrooms, see the whole picture feel what you are going to feel like when you get it.

Remember whatever it is you want the universe will find its way to you as long as you know what you want, no matter how unreal this may sound right now.  You have got to believe that you can get anything you want.

Right, so by now you should be thinking cool, each of us creates our own universe.

How easy is that!

Lovely, just remember you have to practice and practice and practice it’s not just about a wish, it’s your own thoughts, focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.

Remember one needs to take baby steps, one thing at a time, and one goal at a time.

So you want a better life?

Now, what does that mean to you?

A wife, a neat car and a big house?

Okay, so how would you feel if you got an old lady with grey hair and false teeth and glasses and lived in a house in the middle of the woods?  Be more specific.

A Tall red hair beauty immaculately dressed with a bubbly personality.

This year red BMW with black leather seats, coupe, imagine driving it with the top down, feel the wind in your hair.

A big 4 bedroom 3 bathroom double story house with sea view balcony and a big blue pool with entertainment area.

Stay focused at all times.

Give your goal your full attention at all times.
I don’t mean to sit and dwell on it.
I mean your imaginative image should be so strong that you must feel as though you’ve actually achieved it.

The more you focus and concentrate the better for you.  You could make a goal chart and take pictures and stick them on to get a better picture, you can use meditation, hypnosis or whatever makes manifestation easier.

Visualization is the most popular method used, though they all work.  You need to find what works best for you.

Don’t be afraid, do not be shy you have unlimited scope to what you can wish for, do not rush it, Rome wasn’t built in a day, don’t try to accomplish this all at once, take your time, do it passionately and carefully.


You need to be Action Orientated.

This is the sad part, as this is where most people fail hopelessly at this stage.

Ok, I understand this is how manifestation works, so now I’m going to do this, change that, attract this…

You see mentally they make an effort but physically nothing is done.

One needs to pursue one’s goals, go out there and get doing, whishing and wishful thinking will get you nowhere.

Remember when I told you earlier there is no quick fix, no easy way, this is where you need to take action.
The law of attraction often brings opportunities to be positive and be in the right place but if you don’t jump up and seize the opportunities you will not see the end result.

Let’s use a simple example:  your tall red-haired beauty immaculately dressed is standing alone at a dance, “that’s the law of attraction” sending her to you.

If you do not go over and ask her to dance, you are doomed!!
Somebody else will.
You have to go over to her, introduce yourself and ask her to dance.

Here is another Easy one.

You get to work early one morning and parked outside the office is the red coupe BMW with leather seats, with a rep sitting inside waiting for the office to open.  What do you do?

Ignore this, go into the office as you have to complete a task and the deadline is near?

NO, NO, NO.  Go over, introduce yourself, and find out everything you possibly can about the BMW.  Why?

You’re probably asking.  Simple the law of attraction brought it to you!

You have to react to it!

Nobody else can do anything but you.
If you don’t react you will assume as many others that the law of attraction doesn’t work.

WRONG, you have to react here and now as the law of attraction has brought it right to you.

So no reaction – No further opportunity.
This is the difference between seeing your manifestations larger than life right in front of you and wondering why nothing seems to work for you.

Now you should see how the law of attraction works, the key to it is staying focussed and believe and you will achieve.

Believe 100% that the Law of Attraction works.

So you are this far, that means you think there might be something to this Law of Attraction thing, maybe you should give it a try?
Congratulations others have stopped long ago.
For one to succeed you have to believe 100% that the Law of Attraction works.

You have to believe that you have the power and desire to change your life to suit all your needs.  All of this comes from just you, your mind and your willingness to change.  Your life to what and how you want it.

If you don’t have the faith necessary to believe you can attract all this to yourself, then your thoughts, as well as your emotions being sent out to the universe, would not have the power to direct and re-direct the power of the universe into the way you want it.

Your faith and belief are what give you as a person the power to be the master of your Universe as well as that of your life.

All it takes is:

                            100 % belief.

                           100 % focus.

                           100 % action.

As time goes by and you see how successfully you are attracting things, so your belief will grow on it’s I’ll give you a few tips to help you along.

It’s very important to stay positive…

Be it negative or positive the more you think of it be it negative or positive the more of it you get!

One should always strive at thinking positive thoughts even though there is no specific circumstance, unfortunately, this works both ways, so if you’re constantly complaining or envying the neighbor or friends or family more of these things will come to you.

The only thing (one) that can prevent one from getting what we wanted, when we wanted it is one’s subconscious.

Although our mind is very, very powerful as we all know by now, we do not control all of 90 % of it.

An average of 65 000 thoughts crosses your mind per day that we don’t even know we had.  Now that’s something to process he, imagine how strong your thoughts would be if you put them to the rightful use.

Do you now realize how your subconscious holds you back from achieving whatever you want?

So if you have no confidence and low self-esteem and believe that you don’t deserve the best, you are ugly, you are fat, you were meant to be poor or you aren’t worthy, would you believe it if I came to you and told you otherwise, would you believe me?

Of course not because you subconscious would not let you believe me, as it has been “programmed” to believe all these negative thoughts.

To change this you need to do is believe that you can and will change your perception as well as your self-perception through a conscious effort on your behalf.

There are a few ways of doing so, by means of positive affirmations or hypnosis.

Alternately I have added audio recordings that could help you with regards to the law of attraction and positive affirmations.

By using hypnosis a similar message is given to get you to relax and once that’s done you would go into a trance-like state and other suggestions are put into your mind, eliminating negative thinking and increasing positive thoughts.

Once you awaken you will feel relaxed as well as positive and free of negativity, self-doubt and very confident.

Alternatively, you could use subliminal messaging- this is an audio recording with positive affirmations that work like “mind control” and work on one’s subconscious hearing.  They also allow a person to take full control and stay focused on one’s thoughts.

How Important is Gratitude?

This is the most powerful positive feeling.  It’s called the law of gratitude by some.

By being grateful means you appreciate something you already have, this is exactly how you should act to everything you ask for, belief and you will receive, appreciate whatever you are receiving because by being grateful you confirm your belief.

  • Be focused on your thoughts.
  • Be inspired by your belief.
  • Be prepared to take action as well as grateful for the fact that it’s your own manifestation that you are taking action on.

So to feel happy


One only has to feel grateful and only you can make the change.

Now if you are feeling down and out you’re probably thinking “it’s easy for you to say.”

It is easy, sit and make a list of even just 5 things you have to be grateful for:

  • I am grateful for my mom/ dad/ son/ daughter/ aunt
  • I am grateful for eyes, they enable me to see all the beauty around me
  • I am grateful that I can hear the lovely birdsongs with my ears
  • I am grateful that my health enables me to work to earn food for my family

Even if you really feel none of the above has any meaning to you, consider being grateful that you woke up today and that you are life!  (Try skipping it for one day.)

Spend every moment of your life, being grateful for everything in your life, this is guaranteed to get your wishes granted in advance.

Look at this as Magic.

Here are a few tasks to help you get started on becoming a better, happier, healthier and wealthier you.

  • Jot down all your wishes, remember none are too big or irrelevant.
  • What could you need to improve your life to make you truly happy?
  • Find the easiest simplest thing on your list and define it to represent your wish right down to a “t.”
  • Imagine, living with it and how you’d feel having it in your life.
  • Now when you see your BMW parked outside your office speak to the driver!! Meaning jump at it, grasp that opportunities with both hands.
  • Believe, believe that you have the ability to manifest and that the law of Attraction is working in turning your life around by your thoughts being manifested in the universe.
  • The next thing you need to do is analyze your thoughts so as to discover if there are any negative emotions in your desires.
  • Take your 28-30 day list you initially started with and compare it to the list you are now going to make up and pare the two.

If there are any that you are still struggling with try to come up with a reason to be grateful for them as well.

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