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What is the opposite of Gratitude?

From many years of experience let me give you my version of what is the opposite of gratitude.

I never really thought about it until the other day.  I finally realized that Gratitude has an opposite.

Really it does.

Let’s find out what it is…

Suffering, suffering and more suffering!

It is funny when we don’t know what gratitude is how do we know what the opposite is?

Yes, we don’t know what the opposite is.  Yet so many of us experience the opposite of gratitude and we don’t even know that we are experiencing it.

But let’s start with learning what is the exact opposite…

What is Opposite of Gratitude – words.

When I do a search on google for what is the opposite of gratitude these are the words that I get.

  • ingratitude
  • ungratefulness
  • thanklessness
  • unappreciation
  • censure
  • condemnation
  • unthankfulness
  • unappreciativeness
  • non-recognition
  • lack of recognition
  • lack of gratitude
  • lack of appreciation
  • criticism
  • disapproval
  • rudeness
  • unmannerliness
  • inconsiderateness
  • boorishness
  • thoughtlessness
  • disregard
  • disfavourUK
  • refusal
  • disfavorUS


Many of these words sound harsh but I experienced so many of them in a time of my life when I did not know what the word gratitude meant.

One thing you need to understand is that words come from somewhere.

They were first a thought and then we put the thoughts out into the universe.

This is very powerful for us especially when we know how to use words correctly.

Now that you know what the opposite of gratitude words are and just by reading them you can feel the emotion and vibration behind them.

Let’s see how they make you feel.

Feelings you have without Gratitude.

For many years my life was like a roller coaster.  One day up, the next down.

Then when I was at a low I use to think it can’t go any worse than now…and yes… it does get worse.

You see you get more of what you are currently having.

The Universe is giving you more of what you are currently experiencing.

I don’t want to bore you with the:  I was young and married at early age nonsense.

I want to get straight to the point and tell you what I did wrong for many years – at least 21 years of my life and I want you to take it and make the rest of your life better with it.

I’ve set out to help as many of you that do things the way I did.

My entire married life we focused on money.

The lack of it and how we will find it.  All the other areas of our lives – we thought were sorted out.

Nope! nothing was really sorted out and nothing was really the way we wanted it.

I thought life was this way and we just had to work through it.

Nope again.

Life was not this way and God never wanted us to struggle or to make money the only way I could survive.

Focusing on the wrong things:sad

I use to get up in the morning and think today I’ll show this world and everybody in it what I can achieve.  I was aggressive and tried to fix everything with….maybe a slap or harsh words or even a dirty look.

Fight and fight to get to the top of the ladder.  I didn’t even get to the first step of the ladder, but  I didn’t realize it.

I use to put myself into survival mode and take life on day by day.  Things used to go so bad for us my parents actually bought us food numerous times.

We all start at the bottom, but the part that I could never understand is why we had to stay at the bottom?

You fall into a hole – so deep sometimes there is no light and when you do someday see something you think is a light…

Guess what, when it gets nearer it’s actually a train light and if you don’t jump you are doomed.

So, you jump and the next thing you have to do is recover from the fall, turn around and look back to see how far you fell and then start all over again and see how far you need to go from here.

In other words, you are starting at the bottom again.


This was like a cycle and a vicious one too.

It was only a year after I got divorced that I realized how money works.

I read many books and started to see things differently.

Maybe you are in the same boat?

There is a way out- every single person on this earth can change their circumstances and their future.  Begin with your thoughts!

There are so many things you can do to change everything.

When it comes to money I know that no one is destined to live a life of poverty.  Each and every person has the ability to change everything in his life.

You can use the law of attraction to do this.

Remember you CAN achieve anything- and CHANGE  everything!

How you live knowing what is the Opposite of Gratitude.

When you know the difference between the two you have a choice that you can make.  Either carry on with the life you are living currently or you can choose gratitude.

When you start practicing gratitude and use it intentionally your entire life changes.

I was one of those people that did not believe in gratitude until I read a book that helped me with gratitude and step by step guide on how to practice gratitude in my daily life.

Believe me, a 360-degree turn in my life is what I experienced.

When you live with gratitude as an intention things look so much brighter and better.

Here are words that better express our feeling when we use gratitude:

Making choices  if I know what is the Opposite of Gratitude:

The Choices we make

Every day we make choices, we make many choices.  From the time we get out of bed we make choices to get out of your bed is a choice.

From there we make hundreds of choices every day.  Like what clothes to wear for the day or what to eat for breakfast are but two examples.  So we carry on until the day ends.  We even make a choice what time to go to bed.

Another one of those “choices” is to decide to be in a good mood daily.

We need to make a choice about our attitude, our way of life and even how we will react when something does not go our way.

It’s entirely your choice if you are going to make the best of something or if you’re going to be upset about a bad situation.

It’s your choice to see the dark or the light.

We need to understand that these choices are very important in our daily lives.

The choice we make in every situation can change our entire life.

Every time you make a choice for the better in your life you are changing your life in a good direction.

Make your choice today.

Deep down you know that the feeling of gratitude is much better than not having it.

Decide what you want, make the choice and stick to it!

Use that little nine-letter word in your life.

9 letter

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