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What is the power of Gratitude?

Have you heard people saying?

Why can’t you be more grateful? At some point in our life, we hear these words.

When we are young, we hear them from parents, teachers, grandparents. Some of us heard it as an adult from our spouse or partner.
Today we will be looking at what is the power of gratitude.
There is no doubt that being grateful changes things in our lives.

How can Gratitude change our lives?

It’s all very simple. We all know when we change the way we think, and start to fill our lives with thankfulness, nothing else is the same. We start to change our lives forever, and they DO get better.
In the book the Secret we saw the magic of gratitude on a center stage with a simple formula;

Think of it then the universe for it, and it happens.

There are a few important steps left out here. (you really need to act on a few things along the way as well for anything to happen) But there is no doubt that the act of being grateful for the now, and for the future does help a lot.

What does it help?

In social engagement, it helps. We as a nation have tended to forget our manners. Please and thank you don’t get used very often. This is sad. We must remember that it is not only the word that counts in our favor but also the vibration behind the word. By using gratitude we show respect to others.
If we start thanking people around us for doing their job.

For being kind, for giving us something when they don’t have to then it makes everything smoother.

People are drawn to people they think are going to reward them for their actions. A simple smile goes a big way too. Smiling is an easy way to say thank you.

Especially if you can’t say it out loud. Try a smile on a stranger today. See, they are likely to pass it right on to someone else. By doing this we change our world, little by little.


storyAndrew was going for a sales job. He knew he had the least experience and the least qualifications to get the job.

In fact, he wasn’t even sure how he’d got the interview. What he did know was he was very thankful to be given the opportunity.
The interview went well, though it was impressed upon him that everyone else was more experienced in the role.

As he left the building, he slipped the receptionist an envelope. Inside was a thank you note for the man who had just interviewed him, thanking him for his time and for the opportunity.
That evening, he got the call to say he’d got the job.

His new employer was very clear. It wasn’t his qualifications that got him the job. It was the card. If he was able to thank him at this stage, he knew Andrew would be able to build positive relationships with his clients which is exactly what he was looking for. Being grateful won him the job.

Little assignment for you.

Spend the next day thanking people around you when they do something for you.

Don’t make it empty words. Instead, focus on what the person is doing and then thank them sincerely. (to and appropriate level.)
taskSee how this makes you feel, and if it makes you more open to gratitude?
I am not saying you have to burst into tears and start hugging your waitress passionately after she brought you some free water to your table!
Just try gratitude and make it a part of your everyday experience.

Proverb saying:

“Out of the heart, the mouth speaks”
Do yourself a favor. Take a look at what you say and do.

When we have more gratitude in our hearts uses different words that the person with little or no gratitude.


Finding things to be grateful for.

Like anything in life, gratitude is a learned behavior.

We have to practice until we have mastered our new habit of being thankful.

Gratitude is something that you will find easier the more we practice it.
When you get days that feel slightly cloudy or downright stormy.

You can try to generate a list of everything that you are thankful for.
If you can’t find some things to be thankful for, work your way through this list below and use it to make your own.
Things You Own.

Feel Gratitude for…(things I own.)

  • Having shelter. I have a home to live in, a bed to sleep in and a place to put my things.
  • Having something to wear. I have something to keep me warm when the wind blows. And clothes I can wear on hot days. I can be covered and I have more than one outfit to choose from.
  • I have shoes for my feet. I can cover them to protect them from sharp objects and to support my feet as I walk.
  • Having the means to travel. I can use my car to get to places (or scooter, bike) I have public transport available. I live in an age where it’s easy to find a way to get somewhere fast if I need it.
  • I have a computer to work on, play on and communicate with people. Even if I have to borrow the use of one, I can use tools on it to find out the information I can use.


Feel Gratitude for… (my liberty.)

  • The fact that I am alive.
  • The chance to drink water from a tap and it’s safe.
  • The food I can choose to eat to fuel my body.
  • Being free, and not imprisoned.
  • Having the skills needed to read and to write.
  • The opportunity to learn something new and life-changing.


Feel Gratitude for… (my social networks.)


  • Myself. I am who I am, and I accept myself.
  • My loved ones. The special people in my life I’ve chosen to spend my life with.
  • My parents.
  • My friends and colleagues.
  • My pets, for all their cuddles and our uncomplicated relationships.

Feel Gratitude for… (my success.) 

  • The skills I’ve learned.
  • My ability to make friends.
  • My job, or the way I support myself.
  • My interests, and the things I enjoy to do recreationally.
  • My emotions.
  • My choice to love others, and share my life with them.
  • My Talents.


  • Feel Gratitude for… (significant moments.)
  • Milestones in my life. Learning how to walk, to talk, to run, to laugh.
  • My special days such as birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Memories. Times spent with loved ones.
  • Holidays and time spent away from work.
  • Being able to order a takeaway coffee or having a meal at a restaurant.
  • Unexpected and pleasant surprises.


Feel Gratitude for… (life’s little treasures.)

  • Being able to feel the sun/wind/rain on my face.
  • Going to the beach, or climbing a hill and looking out.
  • Washing drying on a windy day.
  • Seeing a stranger smile at me.
  • Watching snowfall.
  • Taking my dog for a walk.
  • Laughing.


Feel Gratitude for…(things I never expected.) 

  • The things I didn’t get right the first time.
  •  The doors that closed for me when I wanted them open so badly.
  •  The lessons I’ve learned through my experiences.

Find out what is the Power of Gratitude.

You can use this list as a starting point. Add any specifics you have onto the list.
A good idea is to pop the list on the fridge, a big window or even a board in your office.

This will remind you to be thankful throughout the day.
Soon it will be second nature and you’ll start to attract more good things to be thankful for.

In this way, you will discover for yourself what is the power of Gratitude.

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