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What is the power of negative thinking?

Are you wondering if negative thinking has that so-called bad effect on your life?  

Can it be that bad?

 Many people have something to say about our thinking habits.  But do they affect our lives so much as these people claim?


Let’s take a look at the power of negative thinking.

Trevor Moawad- a mental Conditioning expert and advisor to some of our world’s most elite performers tells us the following.

Control your thoughts!  Okay, but why?

When they started a study, this is what they learned about negative thinking.

Negative thinking was the most powerful element.  Negative thinking has the effect of weaponizing yourself against yourself.

You might wonder how negativity is carried.  If you think it is with the internal thoughts and you are reading here, you would know:

That you need to fix those internal thoughts with affirmations,

You need to practice with images in your mind,

You need to practice visualization,

All, skills that are difficult to learn for a newbie.

Trevor started to look at the externalization of these thoughts. 

If somebody says something out loud, it is 10 times more powerful than if they think it.

Then, they started to study the data, data that has been re-enforced by Christine Porath, from Harvard. 

Negativity is a multiple of 4 to 7 times more powerful than positivity.

Do you see why so many people love to be negative?

Do you see why it is so hard to change our happiness from negative to positive?

Think about this.  If you say something out loud it is 10 times the power of my thought.  But if I say something negative out load it is 4 to 7 times more powerful.  So, this means it will be 40 to 70 times more likely for that negative thing to happen in your life than the positive.

Compare to if I just did not say anything.  You see why your words have power.  And to make it even more powerful.  Your words will have power over you, especially if you don’t learn how to control your words.

So, if you follow your old patterns, and say things out loud that is not good for you.  

You are casting it over your life and what you did not want to have happened will find its way to you and things will happen.

Think about this.

Who is always in control of what you are saying?

You, you are always in control of the words that come out of your mouth.

You are always in control of what you say.

It is not always necessary for us to utter the words.  You can also start this entire rollercoaster the minute you think in a way of doubt.

We have a doubt, but we don’t say it out loud.

Then people ask if they should rather lie.  Rather say something else to what they are thinking.


You need to look at the information:

I don’t want to be here today!

I hate this job.

Just by thinking that you don’t think you will win that soccer game tomorrow, because the opposition has this guy that is still on their side, and he is good.  Then saying no lead is safe. 

This is the kind of thinking and words that you are casting and almost predicting that that’s what’s going to happen.

You have to create an alternative in your life for not saying stupid things out loud.  Stop in your tracts when you start thinking about them.

Think of it this way.  If a vehicle is going backward, it can’t automatically go forward.

It has to be shifted into neutral.  Then it stops.  Then you can go forward, by changing your behaviour or you can go backward, by doing the same stupid thing that you have been doing.

Trevor says:

Positive thinking in many cases repulses people.

You are telling me to be positive and I am going through a divorce.  (Ask me I have been there.)

Or you are telling me to be positive and I just lost my job.

So then, what is the alternative?

The alternative has always been negative.

Affirmations and changing from the inside are very important.

But here is the secret:  they are not the starting point.

Don’t say stupid things out loud!

Be mindful of what you consume.

Did you know that by watching only three minutes of the news it increases your probability by 27% that you are going to say that you had a shitty day? 

In addition to your language, what you do, not how you feel about your past – is going to determine who you are in the future.

That is what neutral thinking is.  It is behaviour and language.

So, your behaviour is what is going to change you. 

But you will have to start by asking yourself:

  • What do I want?
  • Why do I want it?
  • Why don’t I have it?
  • What am I willing to do to get it?

Remember this:

When you become helpless, you become hopeless!

When you become helpless, you become hopeless!

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When you feel that you are in control of your behaviour.  Even if you are going through cancer or a difficult challenge. 

If you feel in that situation that this is not optimal, but there is something I can do.  Then you are helpful to yourself. 

And when you are helpful, you are hopeful.

But when you are helpless, you are hopeless.

So, make the following your habit.  HOPE!

Make Hope a Habit!

Hope is the most powerful medicine that is freely available to us.  It is up to us to use it.

You have got to get yourself to believe.  No matter what you are facing, we can influence our future.

For example:  Just because my first marriage did not work, does not mean my second marriage won’t work.

It is pressing upon yourself to be better.

Let’s sit and think.  If I think about my previous marriage and I blame my ex.  He did not do this.  He did not do that.  There is nothing I can do about that.  I need to be thinking, what am I going to do going forward?

You see so many people think the self-help industry is about things you do.

One of the things that have been tested and proved is what are people willing not to do.

Yes, you read that right.

What they are willing not to say.

What they are willing not to eat.

What they are willing not to consume.

What they are willing not to watch.

Think about 5 things that you can not do right now that can instantly make your life better?

  • What are the things that are in our control?
  • What we watch when we get home?
  • What we listen to in our car on our way home?
  • Who we talk to while we are on our cell phone?

And what we say out loud always as we speak.

I wrote something that you can read if you struggle on how to control what you think and speak.  Read here!

Those are the most powerful things with our behaviour that’s what defines our success.

Click here to learn how to stop worrying about everything.

10 Days without Negative Thoughts.

A simple and really easy way to change your life!

You can go from merely getting by to an exceptional life.   You need to focus on a few positive solutions.

This type of 10 days no negative thoughts fast was originally started by Emmett Fox, a very popular self-help author and speaker of the early 20th century.

Many people have reaped loads of benefits from it.

Here are the rules:

  1.  If you break any rules start over again.

For this, to work you need to do it for the full 10 consecutive days.  Negative thoughts can be seen as a drug.  You need to stop using them completely else you never really stopped.

          2.   Five Minutes.

You’ve got 5 minutes to realize you are having a negative thought and to get rid of it.  5 minutes is more than enough time for you to recognize and stop your negative thought.  Remember if you take longer than 5 minutes you need to start over for another 10 days.

          3.   Solutions.  You need to focus and think about solutions, not about the problem.  Forget about what is wrong and find the solution.

All this sounds easy until you start doing it.  If you have a negative thought again try to ask yourself how you can improve this.  You need to immediately focus on the solution.

In 10 days of this practice, you should start forming a habit.  (To recognize a negative thought and find a solution for it.)

If you stick to this practice, you’ll soon find it gets easier.

Keep negative
at bay:

  • What’s great about today?
  • What do I like most?
  • What do I love?
  • What can I show gratitude for?

  • By filling a person’s mind with positive thoughts that’s exactly what you do fill it with.


    There’s no space for the negative ones.

    Start today:

    Make the most of your thoughts:

    We can only have one thought at a time – make it a positive one!

    Try your 10-day adventure and let me know here how it went! 

    You can also mail me or contact me on my contact page. Or you can simply join my mailing list and email me from there.  I will be happy to chat with you.

    Here is some of the motivation that I use:

    Take control of my morning, so I take control of my day.

    I own my mornings.  So, I can own my day.

    I start my day right and the rest of my day falls into place.

    I schedule a time for this.  I will sleep 30minutes less if I need to, but I will do this because by doing this I am giving this to myself. 

    Are you happy with your life?

    Are you where you want to be?

    If you answered yes, I have been wasting your time.

    If you answered no and you want to grow.

    Keep reading!

    Start every day with at least 5 minutes of powerful energy.

    5 minutes of positive thinking first thing in the morning will change your entire day.

    When you change your entire day with these consistent positive thoughts, you are busy changing your entire life. 

    Can you do more?

    Can you be more?

    You need to commit right now and start with the mindset of someone who loves life.  The mindset of someone who is going to win the day.

    No matter what happens, you won’t lose, you will win, or you will learn.

    You will win your day because you have set your day up to win.

    The first thing you need to do when you rise is to give thanks.

    Give thanks that you are alive.  For everything you have.  Give thanks for everything you take for granted.

    Then set your intentions for the day.  Set your goals for the day.

    Give thanks in advance for the things that you want.  Put that intention out into the world. 

    • Thank you for this day.
    • Thank you for the amazing opportunities coming my way.
    • Thank you for the character I show today.
    • Thank you for every smile today.
    • Thank you for every laugh.
    • Thank you for every moment of fun.

    You can wake up with these intentions, by setting these intentions the night before.

    Wake up with only positive intentions.

    The morning is not the time for phones, or work or problem-solving.

    The first thing in the morning you need to do is get in sync with what you want.

    You can create an unbreakable morning routine. 

    A consistent routine will soon bring consistent results.

    Ask yourself this:

    How do I want to feel today?

    How do I want to be treated today?

    How do I want to treat others?

    Here is the secret: 

    How you start your day is how you going to live your day.

    If you start it with the believes that it is going to be a great day, chances are it will be.

    Start your day with the intention that you are going to be happy no matter what happens.  Chances are that you will be happy.

    You need to start your day in the right mindset. 

    Else at the first challenge, things will fall apart.

    You need to make sure that you are ready for those challenges.

    Redirect any negativity.  Go after the life you want.

    Take it and make it your life.

    This is a must. Don’t let that good life get away from you.  Run after it, plan your day.  

    You see, if you know where you are going you will eventually get where you need to go. 

    You need direction or you will end up in the wrong section!

    All successful people have an intention and they have direction.

    They know where they are going and that is why they get there.

    So, there you have it. 

    A great mood reduces great results and a great day!

    The better your attitude is the better the results you produce. 

    The better your attitude, the better you can become and thrive through challenges and difficulties that come your way.

    Do whatever it takes to get yourself in that great mood first thing in the morning.

    Whatever works for you: do it.






    These are all good options that will get you in that state. 

    When you have the power, because you are in that state, nothing will hold you back. 

    You simply go on. 

    You have set your mind and nothing will change this for you.  Most people don’t start their days this way, because of our rushed life.  

    Therefore, most people are not happy.

    Don’t you be most people?

    Be one of the minorities.

    The minority that starts their day in the right way and ends it that way.

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