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What is the Secret to Success in Life?

People tend to think that they should not focus on motivation, but rather focus on discipline.

I want to show you that that is not the secret to success in life.

Read along.


Many people that focus on motivation fail.

Many people that focus on discipline fail.

Instead, you should be focusing on something else.

Loads of people are saying this and used it.

People like Jim Rohn, Warren Buffet, successful billionaires, athletes are all saying that we should use this idea instead.

But before we look at this secret to success in life, let’s talk about motivation and discipline.

I need to explain to you as you need to understand why I say that motivation and discipline do not last.

Jocko Willink says screw motivation and focus on discipline instead. His whole idea is that motivation comes and goes.

Some days you wake up motivated and other days you wake up completely unmotivated.

And because it is so unreliable you should never focus on it to achieve your goal.

If you just focus on motivation, then some days you will be motivated.

On other days you will not be doing anything at all.  You have most probably felt this way before.

You’ve set yourself a big goal and you are really excited to reach that goal.  You rush and do everything to reach that goal.

A couple of days later and you feel you are not quite reaching that goal.  You get demotivated and you no longer feel the urge to reach that goal as it is just too high to reach.

Because before you were relying on the emotion of motivation and you now don’t have that anymore.  Now you don’t feel like doing the things you need to do in order for you to get to your goal.  Jocko says on the other hand that discipline is the thing you should be focusing on.

He says that discipline does not come and go and it is consistent.  It can be trained and it is something that can be built up over time.  I agree that discipline is better than motivation.

With discipline, you can train a muscle and gain improvement.  You can improve the skill of discipline and you can use it a lot more reliable than motivation.

The path of least resistance.

This will explain why I don’t think you should rely on discipline either.

In general, things take the easiest route.  They take the path of least resistance.

The example I want to use is water.

Imagine a stream of water.  It goes where there is an empty flow.  Just like in a drain pipe.   You have the drain and the water flows through the pipe.  And it flows the way that it does because of the path of least resistance.

It does not try and go through the plastic it goes the way that the pipe is.  It is easier to go through the air than it is to go through plastic.  So it follows the way of the plastic pipe.  It always goes the easy way.  This is the exact reason why wolfs became dogs.

Ages ago wolfs would go out and hunt.  And run for miles and miles to capture their prey.  Then humans started training them.  Humans would just give the wolfs their scraps they leftover.

And the wolfs recognized that it was easier to take the scraps than to hunt miles to pray.  Eventually, the wolfs started relying on humans to eat.  They took the path of least resistance.

Have you ever been to England?  Those pigeons are annoying.  They run and fly around waiting for you to leave something behind so they can eat it.  That is a lot easier than hunting for themselves and they also took the path of least resistance.

That theory explains exactly why you should not rely on discipline.  Like motivation that comes and goes.  Discipline is a finite resource.  Some people deny this.  They say it is not, but just try going through life with all the temptations.

Having unhealthy stuff all around you.  You have all the things that you don’t want to do all around you.  It is not going to work.  Eventually, you will cave in.  No matter how much you try not to eat something that is unhealthy.

If it is constantly in front of you.  Day in and day out, eventually you will face a time where your discipline, your willpower is down.  And you going to end up eating unhealthy food.  It’s just like motivation.

Discipline is not as reliable as people make it out to be.  In fact, there is a much easier way for you to do it. 

Sharing the secret to success in life. (The no1 most powerful exercise)

Here I will be sharing the no 1 exercise theory that ties into this secret from health, wealth and relationship goals.

This is the most powerful secret that I will share with you.

You can start implementing this today and it will only take you half an hour.

It will double your productivity and it will triple your happiness.

This thing is very powerful.

Let me share it with you right now…

You change your environment.

You don’t focus on willpower.

You don’t focus on discipline.

You change your environment.

When you change your environment you are able to change your path of least resistance.

We know that humans like animals take the path of least resistance.   (Just like the stream.)

So if you can make the things that you should be doing easier than the things you should not be doing.  That’s when you will be getting the easy shortcut to success.

This is very important:  If you can make the things that you should be doing easier than the things you should not be doing. – Life becomes easy!



A specific example of how you can use this to increase the quality of your relationships is:

At dinner when you eat you should rather sit and have family time.  Most of us sit and eat and watch something on Netflix or show max.  This is the path of least resistance.  (Humans love this.)  You can simply sit in the kitchen and have no TV.

Nothing to watch and use that time to talk and enhance your relationship with the family.  Put all your cellphones in a basket and nobody even touches them until you ave finished. (Eating and having a good conversation with the family.)  By doing this you are taking the easy option the one you should be doing.  You are making the best option easy.

Another example is that when you go to the supermarket you will see they put the expensive foods on the shelf at eye level.  This is because they want you to buy that as they make the most money on that food.  They put their own brand higher and lower on the other shelves.

You can do this in your own cupboard to increase the likelihood of you eating healthy.

Put the foods that you want to eat at eye level and the foods that you don’t want to eat out of the way.  Higher or lower.  Not that easy to reach.  Put them in a different cupboard.  Put them in a different room.  Change the environment to make it easier for you to do the things you should be doing.  The best way to do it is to just don’t buy unhealthy foods.  There is no temptation.

Wealth example:

When you have an online business that you need to work on.  And you would rather find yourself playing video games.  That is how we do it.  The easy way is to just quickly play a game or two…it does not stop there.

We will keep on playing as it is the easy way out.  By trying to stop and saying we would play for half an hour will also not work as the computer is still there and we need to use willpower to stop.  Yet we don’t.

The easiest way to stop it is to get rid of the computer.  That way there is nothing there to run to all the time.

Think for yourself.

What are the goals that you have?

What are the things you need to do to get to those goals?

When you know what to do to get to those goals.

Think, how can I make that thing the path of least resistance?

How can I make it easier for me to go to the gym?

How can I make it easier for myself to jump onto a sales call?

That way you don’t need motivation or discipline to do it.

You just do it, because it is easier for you to do that thing than it is to not do that thing.

As humans, we are wired to do the easy option.

So by doing that you are hacking your brain by doing things you want to do without any motivation, without any kind of willpower.  You don’t even have to make a decision.

You just do the easier option!

Here is your exercise.

It is called a simple audit of what is going on in your life.

It sounds weird.

Take a piece of paper and pen.

Take a room you want to check.

I will use my office.

Make a list of things:





Printing paper


Bottle on table

Ornaments on table

Decide for each one if it is Negative or Positive or Neutral for you.


Desk- positive- it is getting me closer to the dream/goal I have.

Each one gets put into the different category and you can see what is helping you and whatnot.

Then what you want to do is make it impossible or very difficult to do the things that are bad for you.

Then you want to make it incredibly easy to the things that are good for you.

Change your environment so you focus more on the things that are good for you than the things that are bad for you.

You will instantly find yourself shortcutting your way to success.

You do this once and you increase the actions you take time and time again.



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