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Where can I find happiness?

There is no doubt about it.  We are living in uncertain times for sure.  There is this new spread of the virus that everybody has been talking about.                                                                                             This virus is called Corona Virus or Covid-19 as some people are referring to it.  I want to tell you that there has never been a better time to focus on our mental and emotional health than now. 


I know we have to look after our physical health.  This is true, but we need to look inside.  

We need to change our focus to make things better for the whole world.  The only thing that is worsening this spread of disease is the spread of fear and panic.

That is why I say it is very important to take care of our mental and emotional health now.  

What does fear do?  

We have been driven by fear for centuries.  We have grown up with it so we will not even now that we are a fear-driven nation.  We where born in love and with love but we where programmed with fear.

We need to wake up and learn to unlearn what we have been taught.  Then we have to relearn the new way.  Then most importantly we need to form a new habit with our new ways and not revolve back to old habits.  In uncertain times this can be a very difficult task to do.  This can only be done with a lot of effort and willpower from our side.  

One of the things that we need to understand is that we are the ones, yes each one of us chooses how we are going to respond to every situation out there.  You see just like everything in life is a choice it is also a choice to how we respond to things that happens to us and around us.  

By knowing that we choose how we respond we create a ripple effect around us.  This affects everyone around you.  So the way we choose to respond to something that happens with us will show the ripples around us.  

It has the same effect as you throwing a stone into a pond.  The water is still, but with the landing of the stone it creates a splash and then the ripples start.

Now the size of the ripples will depend on the size of the stone that fell in the water.  You need t make that choice today.  How are you going to respond to this very situation?  Are you going to be the one that spreads more fear and panic or are you going to be the one that stays calm in the storm?  The one that others will look up to.

My question is will you be spreading more light that others can see?  Or will you be spreading darkness and make things worse?  This is a question you can ask yourself in every aspect of your life.

So what has all this got to do with happiness?

Everything.  Happiness can be found.  For many years I searched for happiness.  I was in an unhappy marriage for 21 years and I eventually got the courage to remove myself from that marriage.  

In that process, I managed to lose my elder daughter.  I call it losing a child alive.  10 Years ago I got a divorce and my daughter has decided not to speak to me since then. 

I had to learn that life goes on.  I had to learn how I was going to cope with this situation.  I had to decide for myself if I was going to sit on a little heap and wait for others to feel sorry for me and help me mend my heart.  Now, I want to tell you nobody is willing to do that.

Everybody says they are sorry and they sympathize with you, but ask yourself do they care about they turn around and walk away and you sit alone to face your day knowing you will most probably never see your daughter again.  

Hearing from other people that she got married.  Your mother went to her wedding, but you were not invited.  A total family issue.  

How does this make one feel? I think very unhappy.  

I know because I felt it for a long time.  I had to go and find happiness.  I needed to know where to start and search for this happiness.  I know from experience that if I kept on searching for that happiness on the outside I would still be searching to this day.

You see, I realized that I will not find any happiness on the outside so I turned to the inside.

And that my friend was my salvage.  I found happiness.  I found it within myself.  I found what I was looking for.

And I found it right inside of me.  Not knowing that it has always been there.  You see, everything you want has always been inside of you.  Always.  But, due to our circumstances, we change and things inside us change, without us knowing it.  This can destroy us and we will not even see it.

Here is a list of five things you can do.

Number 1:  Self-Care.

You need to take care of yourself by yourself.  It is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Spend time alone. Clear your mind.  Clear it of any negativity that you think and feel.  Bring yourself back into the present moment and make peace with yourself and everything around you and everything that is currently happening in our world.

Clarity is very important and the only way to find clarity is by clearing all negativity out of your mind.  Schedule some time alone for yourself and the best time is in the morning.  

This will set the trend for your day. You need to meditate.  Take time to express and truly feel the things that you are grateful for.  It is the time to acknowledge your blessings, like the people and the things in your life.  

Sometimes, we take all of this for granted.  Take note of how good it makes you feel when you are truly grateful for all these things and people in your life.

Number 2:  Love

Tell those that you love how you feel about them.  Take time to remind yourself what is truly important in your life and who is important, but tell them how important they are and that you love them. 

Express gratitude to the people that you are most thankful for.

 If you are uncomfortable expressing your gratitude to someone now is the time that you need to get comfortable.  

No questions asked!

If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of doing it in person, a great way to start small is to write a letter of the text.  Get the feelings of your mind and heart and tell that person how you feel.

It is a gift for the other person and by doing this you feel so much better yourself.  Here is a simple saying:  “When it gets to the end none of us are going to think that we should have spent more time in the office.”

We think about the people that are important in our lives and we think that we should have told them so.

You should let those people know right now how you feel about them.

Number 3:  End or Limit your Media consumption.

Get away from the news.  What do you think to sell more of every day?  The beauty of this planet and how we can enrich it or the panic and fear that are spreading?  They love anything they can find to put you in a state of fear and panic. 

Fear sells.  Panic sells.  Kindness and well being don’t sell.

You see fear is an energy and the more fear you allow in your life the more toxic your energy is going to become.  Stay away from that.

Fear is a real illness in our world today.  Yes, go and do your research.  You will know that this drive of fear creates DIS-EASE  in your body.  Eliminate this unnecessary stress from your life and consume positive information daily.  Distance yourself from social media as this is where the most fear gets spread.

If you do believe the world is going to end what good is the fear that has been created going to do for you?

Commit to this moment and enjoy your life.  Get positive with the most optimistic outlook on life and create a better life for yourself now.  Create lightness and feel better.  This way you are creating a better life.  Create your happiness,  be with peace within yourself.  Whether it is one day, one year or one hundred more years that you have left. 

Enjoy it!

And love each moment like never before.  Be happy at the moment.  Experience every moment as if it is the first time that you are experiencing it.  Feel good at the moment and keep it that way.  If you find this hard you can read the book​ The Power of Now.  By changing this you will notice what happens in your life and you will notice how this makes you feel and what this energy does for your life, your health and the life experience for all those around you. 

Number 4:  New skills

Develop new skills and knowledge.  Look, now could be a good time to re-invent yourself.  Do things that you have never done.  I have even been doing something that I thought my whole life I would never be able to master.  You seek everything in life that has a skill that just needs to be learned. 

Learn something new or upgrade your knowledge.

But most importantly let go of any fear that you have of failure.  It is fear that holds us back and it is fear that has been used for centuries to control us.  (Remember I said this earlier.)

Let go of pressure from society or family or friends that you should be doing something else.  Instead, learn or do what you have always wanted to and forget about the fear in it.

Most importantly:  Follow your heart.  Do the things that you love and have been too shy to do.  Do the things that you love or would love to do. 

Number 5:  Uncontrollable

Stop worrying about things that you can not control.  Let’s get real in life.  None of us that is reading this is going to make it.  Every single one of us is going to die.

At some point in the future, we all fade away into nothingness.  We all know this, but why don’t we live like we know this?

It is a beautiful thing to know that human life is temporary.  It’s especially beautiful to not know when it is going to come to an end.  You need to realize that each moment is a gift.  Every single new day is a present that needs to be unwrapped, not knowing what is going to be inside.  To live in fear and worry and panic to what may or may not happen to have anxiety out of our control is stealing our present moment and joy and happiness.  You are truly giving it away to those negative emotions.

You should enjoy each moment and be grateful for every moment you have on earth.  Every moment that you get to spend with the people that you love. 

Whatever happens in the future is none of our business.  What happens now and how we choose to respond now is our responsibility.

Take that responsibility!  Life is good.  Enjoy the moment.  We all need to stand together and change our thoughts.  We need more trust that all is well. 

My message to you today is peace and love. 

That is what we all need in our lives.  You can have a look here if you want a good start for the day to change your life and make it a better one. 

Live life in the now!

And heal the world:

You can read more about a post I did on a book that will also help you change your life and find your happiness.

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